The justice of a patient God strikes soon –

Turning to God is now most opportune.

Here is another recent convert who has received a great deal of light in a world engulfed in darkness by pride. Modern man really thinks that with his petty “reason” and his materialistic “science” he has found the true way to the good life, and that he no longer needs Almighty God. But God is not abandoning His poor human creatures gone astray, in fact the old Irish Catholic saying is as true as ever, if not more so: The help of God is closer than the door. “If not more so,” because, as Scripture says, “Where sin increased, grace abounded all the more” (Romans V, 20). This can only mean that today’s abundance of evil all around us must be a good time to be looking for God, through Jesus Christ – “I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (Jn. VIII, 12). Does that not mean that he who does not follow Christ will be walking in darkness? Read on. 

Let me write to give thanks for all the help I received to find my way back to the true Catholic faith through the Latin Mass. I was born in 1963, I grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and was raised Catholic in the Novus Ordo. I had no idea at all about Vatican II until recently, nor that the Mass and the Faith had been so disastrously altered that it had led to a collapse of the Church. I just took the way the Mass had been changed as being normal. Actually, in my twenties I stopped going to that Mass and I left the Faith, because of the distractions of the world, and because I felt there was very little there that really connected with my spirit. 

It was only when the Corona “pandemic” suddenly emerged that I realized something was deeply evil about the world. Over the years, I listened to you on various podcasts like Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and to your sermons on Youtube, in the days when you were not so censored as now. Gradually, I discovered what the true Catholic Faith was all about, and how the direction of the modern world is totally against both the Faith and common sense. Then when I watched the four parts of “Confusion now hath made his masterpiece,” everything clicked into place. I could see what liberalism and the decline of belief in Jesus Christ had done to the western world: Liberalism has made the world a cesspit of wickedness and insanity. 

Eventually, I returned to Mass and to the sacraments. I also began to go to the Latin Mass in Melbourne, where I gained a much broader exposure to true Catholicism, and realized that the reception of Communion and many other practices in the Novus Ordo are not reverent at all. These things obviously grew out of Vatican II. During the lock-downs, I frequently walked with a friend of mine, and one day he told me about the day when he saw a surf life-saver have a heart attack while he was out swimming at a local beach. I realized that I could die at any time, and that I would then face judgment and eternity. 

Today, the world is totally sick, as most people have abandoned any faith in God. Mankind wants Satan as its master. That is why human beings have been so easily manipulated by the Covid scamdemic with all its asinine restrictions, and they have also been fooled into taking the deadly vaccine. I am grateful that God gave me the grace to see through the lies which the media were telling us very early in the so-called pandemic. 

I have come to the conclusion that the Holy Rosary is the only weapon that can turn the tide against evil. This is why Our Lady is always calling for it. The world is heading straight to hell and only the intervention of Almighty God can stop the deadly rot, and restore order. I really do believe that a major Chastisement will befall this world in the next five to ten years at most, and that the Three Days of Darkness will be at our door very soon, because this is the only way for God to correct mankind. 

Kyrie eleison