Brexit – Really?

Many readers of these “Comments” must be supposing that as an Englishman who does not at all like the New World Order, I must be rejoicing over the recent vote by the British people, albeit by a relatively narrow margin, to leave the communistic European Union. Alas, I have to admit that all I have ever learnt over the last tens of years about that NWO makes me doubt that the apparent exit of Britain will amount finally to any real re-affirmation of what was once best in Great Britain. Across the Atlantic likewise, I may love Trump and hate Hilary, but surely the two have been put together to make up for us one Punch and Judy show.

Take for instance, concerning Brexit, the June 24 article of a high-grade American truth-teller, Paul Craig Roberts (see paulcraigroberts.org) on why “Despite the vote, the Odds are Against Britain leaving the EU.” He writes: “The British people should not be so naïve as to think that the vote settles the matter. The fight has only begun.” He warns the British people to expect: their government to come back to them and say, the EU is giving us a better deal so let’s stay in; the Fed, ECB, BOJ and NY hedge funds to hammer the pound sterling as proof that the Brexit vote is sinking Britain’s economy (that hammering has already happened); the Brexit vote to be presented as having weakened Europe in front of “Russian aggression” (which is a sheer NWO fabrication); leading Brexiters to come under pressure to reach a compromise with the EU; etc., etc. And Roberts says readers can imagine for themselves many more such probabilities, reminding them how Ireland voted against Europe years ago until it was pressured to vote for.

However, at http://​henrymakow.​com/​2016/​06/​brexit-what-is-the-globalist-game.​html, in my opinion another article goes deeper still, because Henry Makow goes further behind the Punch and Judy show, because he has the advantage of being what the globalists no doubt call an “anti-semite,” or rather a “Jew-hater” because Makow is himself a Jew. Truly, only those with some handle on the Messiah, or the Christ, can take the measure of the Antichrist.

The article’s thesis is that “Brexiters lamented how the Establishment was ranged against them, but in truth the reverse was the reality.” To prove this thesis the article names by name numerous British politicians, both Tory and Labour, who are more or less fervent globalists and who campaigned for Brexit (it should be easy enough to check the names for anyone who wishes). Similarly in the British media, the article names numerous journals and journalists, normally presstituted for globalism, who campaigned for Brexit. Then what was Brexit for? The article credits Putin with getting much closer to the truth when he suggested that it was to “blackmail” Europe into making better terms with Britain. The article goes further: Brexit was designed to force Europe to “surrender completely to Anglo-American Zionist war-mongers and corporate privateers,” and the article concludes that Brexit was “most certainly no triumph against globalism.” And Makow himself adds: “Evidently the powers-that-be have decided that England outside Europe rather than inside can be a more effective instrument of Masonic central bank world tyranny.”

Maybe such speculations (but not their level) are off the mark, but for sure and certain, what are either Europe or Britain worth without God? To build without him is to build in vain, says the Psalmist. Yet who in all the Brexit debate ever even mentions his name? If Brexit is to amount to anything truly positive, it will need a leader with vision. Without God, where will he come from?

Kyrie eleison.