Californian Fires

If anybody, particularly in the USA but anywhere in the world, still thinks that the United Nations is a benevolent organisation, or that the most recent fires ravaging the State of California are normal forest fires, they need to think again on both counts. There is serious evidence that the fires which destroyed last month the towns of Paradise and Malibu and killed only God knows how many hundreds of people, were started artificially, and there is a reasonable suspicion that they were part of a UN plan to cut down the US population and drive it off the land into big cities. Paranoia? Or a new paradigm? Read on.

From long experience in the State of California the characteristics of a normal forest fire are well known. The temperatures are never normally hot enough to melt metals or rubber tyres, the fires never start suddenly in several places all at once, the trees which surround houses are rarely untouched when the houses are burnt down, and houses are not usually levelled to the ground with a heap of mainly white ash left behind. But these are all features of the fires which destroyed Malibu and Paradise. Moreover exit roads by which inhabitants tried to leave the burning towns were turned into graveyards, with the wrecks of cars and their drivers being burnt to a cinder while the trees lining the same roads were left untouched. On the Internet is a wealth of visual evidence. For just one example, see themillenniumreport.com.

By far the likeliest explanation is that the fires were caused by DEW weapons, Directed Energy Weapons, for instance laser guns fired from above, from helicopters or aeroplanes. Rays from some such ray-guns, which have been around for tens of years, were captured on some inhabitants’ cell cameras, and they would explain the super-heat and the selectiveness of the burning. But who on earth would programme a satellite or pilot a plane to carry out deliberate murder on fellow-citizens? Readers, unless you have your heads buried deep in the sand, you must know by now that few people still believe that 9/11 was the work of 19 Arabs. Most people now admit that the evidence points to an inside job, if not of the public government or armed forces, at any rate of what is now being called the “Deep State,” in other words the private government hidden inside the public government, and which governs the public government. And 9/11 was in 2001. How much more murderous have these quasi-nintendo-players become since then . . . !

But why would the Deep State do any such thing? To fulfil any one of numerous plans for the tyranny of the New World Order. In 1992 was held a major United Nations meeting in Rio de Janeiro where 178 governments voted to adopt Agenda 21, a plan of “sustainable development” for the future of the world. Did not a US Presidential candidate, Albert Gore, propose there a nine-tenths reduction of the world’s population? Why not fry it with nintendo games from the sky? Serious question for these future managers of our godless world! If you love God, wake up and smell the burning!

Goal 15 of the UN’s 2030 Agenda, which was adopted in 2015 to succeed Agenda 21, runs: Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss. In plain English, force human beings off the land into huge conurbations where you can “pack’em and stack’em,” and more easily control them; criminalise private land ownership; criminalise self-reliance and force total reliance on government. But perhaps most likely of all is a fourth purpose, of terrorising the population with precise super-powerful ray-guns from overhead against which there is no defence. After all, a worldwide tyranny is the aim, and as California goes, so goes the USA, and as the USA goes, so goes the world.

Now do readers see why Our Lady said in 1973 at Akita in Japan, “Only I can help you now”?

Kyrie eleison.