“Diabolical Disorientation”

For a long time now there are Catholics who have judged, especially if they are familiar with the judeo-masonic plot to destroy the Church, that the churchmen governing the Church since Vatican II are true criminals. But many Catholics, because of the charity and respect for priests that is ingrained in them, have hesitated to draw such a drastic conclusion. However, in 2018 the rotten fruits of Vatican II are showing more and more clearly. Here is a testimonial from an American priest outside the SSPX:—

It is necessary to take a hard stance on the situation within the Church. The words of Sister Lucy, “diabolical disorientation” call to mind an interview published in 2001 in the Vatican magazine, 30 Days. Fr. Gabriel Amorth, chief exorcist for the Vatican at that time, was commenting on the newly revised rite of exorcism. He claimed that the Newritual is so watered down that it is virtually ineffective against the Devil. Sister Lucy was correct – here is”diabolical disorientation,” if ever there was, but it has become far worse since 2001. Why would Satan have stopped there? That was just the beginning.

For instance, there are those who say that the new Rite of Priestly Ordination is invalid, while the use of the traditional Rite is forbidden. For goodness’ sakes, why? Is it the plan of the Newchurch to rid the world of a valid priesthood? How could one better pave the way for the Anti-Christ? Without a valid form of exorcism, as Fr. Amorth states, and without a valid priesthood, is not mankind defenceless against the Devil? The powers-that-be, and have been since Vatican II, set out on a very swift and deliberate path. I am thoroughly convinced of it. The evidence is simply too incriminating. The hierarchy of the Church no longer believes that the sacraments are actually relevant anyway. That is the position of Luther, who is now commemorated with a statue in the Vatican by the current Pontiff – it’s total madness!

As for the world, the United States is in a state of chaos. The country is completely divided and consumed with hatred for all that is right and just. It hates all that stems from God and it revels in dispute and ugliness. The Church which once stood as a place of comfort and peace, seems to have become irrelevant. The New Mass is enough to make one wish that all the Newbishops were dead!

I sincerely do not think that the Church can be restored by human means. The diabolical influence runs too deep, and the true intentions of Vatican II are now being made manifest. Fifty years of brainwashing and of forced compliance have made Catholics blind, and, even worse, indifferent to what is happening. The Devil seems to have been successful in destroying what was once the Church. Archbishop Lefebvre mounted a rescue operation, but now Satan means to infiltrate and destroy all that remains of the Archbishop’s SSPX, and Tradition. Slowly but surely the Devil is luring them in, just as he did with the pre-conciliar bishops. The Society’s rulers may know that they have gone wrong, but if they insist on playing with fire nevertheless, they will inevitably get burnt.

So it may seem to be man who rules here below in Church and world, but it is undoubtedly diabolical influence that is driving the confusion and utter madness. Sceptical reactions of most Catholics have made me hesitate to name the churchmen as the true culprits, but one can hesitate no longer. If Scripture on the Apocalypse applies, then maybe nothing can be done to stop the disorder, and Christ alone will restore order. He says there will be only a remnant left.

Kyrie eleison.