Drexel’s Crisis

In the 1970’s when Our Lord (as one may believe) gave to the Austrian priest and Professor Fr. Albert Drexel the Messages contained in the booklet Faith is Greater than Obedience, Catholic Tradition was still deeply discredited because of Vatican II. Catholics simply could not believe that they had been so betrayed by their own priests. Only many years later would Tradition begin to regain the primacy due to it in the Church of Our Lord. As first of a brief series of these “Comments” drawn from the Messages, here are a few to show how relevant they were, and are, to the unprecedented, ongoing drama of the Church.

September 4, 1970.

The number of the faithful shall become small, but their fearless profession of the faith shall shine like a light in the world, and will be blessed by the power and the grace of the Holy Trinity. The Eucharistic sacrifice shall be celebrated in private homes, in places where the temple of God has been desecrated.

November 6, 1970.

Among the rebels, one can find more and more of the consecrated servants of the Church. These are the ones who make themselves guilty of the sin of Judas, who gave Me with his kiss not love, but the greatest pain. And because of the shepherds (bishops) who were appointed to their office and who became weak, the truly faithful have to supplement with their prayers, their struggles, and s ufferings what these priests have neglected and missed. Therefore, I look with great compassion upon the praying people and the victim souls. Their suffering is great in their heart, but magnificent and beautiful shall be the love that is awaiting them at the threshold of eternity.

June 4, 1971.

Numerous people shall turn away from My one and true Church, because they have lost faith in the triune God, and have been misled and blinded by wicked priests and teachers. These proud and disloyal ones speak about a religion without the supernatural, without mystery and prayer. They speak only about man and no longer about God! They turn charity upside down and give primacy to love of neighbor, but forget, lose, and deny love toward God with outrageous presumption. They are trying to found a Newchurch, in which the world and man mean everything – and God and Heaven nothing.

July 7, 1972.

Should those who are faithful and loyal in grace be sad about this? It is true that I Myself wept over Jerusalem, because its inhabitants rejected My grace. Yet it is My will and that of the Father, that the children of the faith should be joyous, like Saint Francis, who praised Heaven with his canticle of the sun, or happy like the young Saint Therese, who, filled with love of Me, happily and smilingly walked through the garden of creation.

May 4, 1973.

Numerous people of the Church, whose names are registered in parish registers, have lost the sense of what is Holy and who are the Saints. Priests consecrated to the service of the altar and to souls turn instead to the world and forget and despise the commandments of God, and pay homage to a dangerous spirit of the world. More and more people fall under the attraction of a moral corruption, that Saint John names the ‘Harlot of Babylon’ in the Apocalypse. What My visible successor in Rome said about the disintegration and dissolution of faith in the Church is his grievance and his accusation.

December 7, 1973.

The prayer of the faithful shall triumph over the talks and gatherings of those who are cold in faith. Yet, those faithful to God are still suffering, but they should know and consider that the sacrifices of their suffering are bringing down blessings upon the Church. Those who suffer this way shall share eternal glorification with Me, and the love of My Heart.

Kyrie eleison.