Father Bruewiler

The following analysis of the present situation of the Newsociety of St Pius X appeared in the St Gallen parish bulletin #3 of Fr Aloïs Bruewihler for autumn of this year. Fr Bruewihler is a former Society priest who left the Society in 2015 because he could not reconcile himself with the false direction being taken by the Newsociety which is still pursuing recognition by the Newchurch authorities in Rome, although these are always insisting on acceptance by the Newsociety of the profoundly anti-Catholic documents of Vatican II as the indispensable condition of that recognition. Fr Bruewihler’s article is adapted here to the A4 length of each of these “Comments.”

In a time of severe crisis when life’s very foundations are being attacked, shaken and even overthrown, a Catholic must in all humility, with trust in the protection of Almighty God, concentrate on “the one thing necessary” (Lk. X, 42), without calling God in question, but instead humbly accepting the trial that His Eternal Wisdom has allowed (or even set up?) as a grace-laden means of punishing or purifying or sanctifying or saving us, body and soul.

Since Mother Church, humiliated and in chains since Vatican II, is as occupied and swamped as ever by sinister Freemasonic powers established within the “Conciliar church,” God’s all-wise Providence gave to Catholics a faithful successor of the Apostles, Archbishop Lefebvre, in order to guarantee for us in our extreme and continuing need an emergency source of the unadulterated doctrine of Christ. The more the Newvatican speaks and acts under the influence of the “smoke of Satan,” the more attention Catholics should pay to the doctrinal heritage left to us by the Founder of the Society of St Pius X if they wish to save their souls. For just as St Paul warned the Corinthians to keep to the Gospel as he had preached it to them, and as he had received it from Christ (I Cor. XV, 1–3, etc.), so today to abandon the Archbishop’s teaching on the New Mass and the Council is in effect to abandon the teaching of Christ.

But soon after the Archbishop’s death in 1991, the Society’s leaders set out on a new path, by which they have striven ever since to “normalise” the Society’s canonical standing within the mainstream Church, as though it were the Archbishop’s Society and not the Conciliar Church that was abnormal. This change of direction began clearly to appear with the Society leaders’ attempt in 2001 to submit to the Conciliar Romans, and it came still more clearly into focus with the Letter to those leaders on April 7, 2012, from three of the Society’s four bishops, one of whom was soon after excluded from the Society. The Society was being split in two, and whoever approved of that exclusion then must be approving now of the Society’s new friends, such as the Swiss Newchurch Bishop, whose doctrine on Council and Mass is far from that of Archbishop Lefebvre. Thus the Newsociety is now being formed on the basis of practical unity before doctrinal truth, which is a Freemasonic principle, absolutely not Catholic. Yet, more and more blinded priests and laity seem to be hoping that a Society-Rome agreement will come about.

The problem goes back to Vatican II (1962–1965) when faithful Catholics, in their families and at work, had to learn to their cost what it meant for Church officials to depart from Catholic Truth. Catholics could no longer follow or obey those Popes, bishops and priests who had authority over them, because Catholic Authority is at the service of Faith and Justice. On the contrary, Benedict XVI’s “Motu Proprio” of 2007, and the SSPX Superior General’s ambiguous and misleading Press Statement issued at the same time, are two examples of serious disregard for truth and justice. As Bishop Tissier said in 2016, “The ‘Motu Proprio’ Mass is not the true Mass.” We could add, the Newsociety, forming steadily ever since 1991, is no longer the true Society.

Kyrie eleison.