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Weep, peoples of the world, unite in pain –
Here come the “Comments,” blaming us again!

Elmer Gantry is a classic film from the United States dating back to 1960, about a con-man pursuing an attractive revivalist preacher named Sister Falconer. In his pursuit of Sister he runs into a former victim of his charms who still loves him but is indignant that he is now pursuing another woman, so she says to him, “Tell me a good strong lie that I can believe, but hold me tight.” This quotation is so true to life that it was featured in these “Comments” nearly ten years ago, October 13 of 2012, #274, from where a reader remembered it, and re-applied it to the world of Covid.

What had struck her in 2021 was how seriously well-known people can be injured by the Covid jab, but if they then speak out, their fans turn against them! The pop singer Eric Clapton is one example. A more recent example is Kyle Warner, a popular mountain-bike rider from Idaho in the USA, who was seriously injured by the Covid jab, but appeared in earlier video clips to be taking his misfortune well. However, in a more recent clip he could be seen breaking down in tears, not so much because of the injury itself, as because of the hate coming at him from all sides for his telling his story and thereby making the jab look bad. What on earth is going on? Here is how the “Comments” reader was reminded of Elmer Gantry – she imagined the fans of today crying out to the puppet-masters in control of the politicians, doctors and media, all still fabricating the Covid scam, “Please deceive us! We love the rotten way of life that you give us! Please pretend you are not there, and we will pretend also!”

It is a point being continually made by these “Comments.” Ever since Luther pretended to be reforming, and not deforming, the Catholic Church, the hallmark of non-Catholic “Western civilisation” has been hypocrisy, because the Protestants have been pretending to want what God wants, but in reality they and their offspring, all alike – Puritans, Liberals, Socialists, Communists, etc. – have wanted what they wanted for themselves. During the whole process, behind various pretences of virtue has been the one reality of the advance of rot, no longer held in check by the one true Church. Finally the rot seeped even inside the Church, and that was Vatican II. In fact modernist bishops have been the worst hypocrites of all.

But let not the peoples, in the name of democracy, claim that they have been innocent, or that the rot, then or now, has all been their leaders’ fault, be it politicians or doctors or media. It is they that have wanted the free lunch from their politicians, the contraception and abortion from their doctors, and the whole scenario of lies from their media. And from here comes the Covid rot, not resisted but positively promoted by a mass of puppet politicians, delinquent doctors and vile media, all lying at every turn. Thus it is the peoples’ own fault when their world is turned upside down, when Fauci is made a hero and Kyle Warner into a villain. Here is the conclusion of the “Comments” of a decade ago –

“Tell me a good, strong lie I can believe, but hold me tight,” says the mistress that Elmer abandoned. Loving him still as she does, all she wants is to be deceived. Such is the world around us. All it asks is to be deceived. That is why we are living in a world of Satan’s lies. We do not want God. Now, life without Him cannot work – see Ps. 126, v.1, and just look around you – but we desperately want to believe that life works best of all without Him. In effect we say to our leaders, “We elected you to tell us good, strong lies, and to hold us tight in our godlessness. Please do a 9/11, a 7/7 (U.K.’s 9/11), or anything you like, just so long as we can go on believing in you as a substitute for God to look after us. The bigger the lie, the more we will believe it, but you must hold us tight. Tighten up our police states as much as you like, but you must keep out God.”

Is it any wonder we have the satanic world we have?

Kyrie eleison.

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