The murder of Palestinians is quite wrong, 

But it teaches, Satan’s hate and evil are strong.

The Jews are an exceptional race among all mankind of all ages, and still are, because no other race has been or will be marked out by the one true God to be the human cradle of the one and only true Messiah or Saviour of whatever human beings from the beginning to the end of Creation want to be saved for eternal bliss. “Salvation is from the Jews,” says Our Lord Himself to the Samaritan woman (Jn. IV, 22), and souls are wise to remember that truth whenever today’s Israelis set about “mowing the lawn,” as they call it in Hebrew, a choice of words truly corresponding to the inhumanity of their slaughter of Palestinians. 

But how could they have descended so unspeakably low from their divine calling to provide God the Son with His launching-pad on earth? Because everything about the Jews obliges us to think thoughts of God, and not just thoughts of men. Cf. Is. LV, 8,9 – “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, says the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” In fact to remind human beings of this transcendence of the one true Creator and God may be one of His reasons for allowing such sheer wickedness of Jews of all time (I Thess. II, 14–16), and not just of today’s Israelis. Might not God be thinking as follows? – 

“My children, how far you are from the truth about what I give you when I give you life! To every single one of you I only give life and free-will so that you can all choose to deserve to go to Heaven. Instead you choose not to believe in My offer, and instead you allow the highly limited pleasures of your life on earth to occupy all your horizon, to take up all your attention, as though nothing else is reasonable. And so what seems reasonable to you takes up the best of your time and love and attention, and you shut Me out, and you shut out anything else like love or poetry or music or nobility or whatever that might suggest that there is a world outside, or a universe above, the tiny little tunnel of things “reasonable” and “scientific” in which you have enclosed your hollow lives, wholly incapable of deserving My bliss. Have you even the least little idea of Who made you? Of Who I am? Of what greatness you were made for? 

Well, have a look at these terrible Jews, “mowing their lawn.” Over the course of 2000 years I gave them great gifts to make them capable of providing your Saviour with His Mother, family, village, country and race among human beings, a mission in which, with all their failings, they nevertheless succeeded. Alas, out of a long build-up of sheer human pride in their own gifts they so failed to understand the spiritual and not material character of the Messiah given to them, that they failed sensationally to remain faithful to their mission, and they crucified their Saviour, a piece of treachery which tears them all up inside and has torn them up ever since, unless and until they can admit that they were wrong, and recognise Jesus Christ as their King – but in the way of that stands their enormous racial pride. I will convert them, My own people, at the end of the world, so that they will not all have gone wasted.” 

But in the meanwhile they still serve Him, against their will, because He writes straight with crooked lines. They hate Him and want to fight Him? Then whenever the members of His Church are unfaithful to Him, forget Him and scorn Him, He uses the talents of the Jews to make such a Hell-on-earth that the non-Jews are driven back to Him, like the ex-Soviet Russians (without any Jew or non-Jew acting out of anything other than free-will). And again, might it not be by the very blindness, fanaticism and irrationality of their “mowing their lawn” in Israel, that they are demonstrating the seriousness and mystery of human life to Gentiles, whose shallowness and frivolity they have always despised? By no means always wrongly, but it is up to Catholics to show, in action as Jews do and not just in words, that I do not have to “mow a lawn” in order to prove that I know that there is more to life than just being “scientific” and “rational.” 

Kyrie eleison.