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Mammon Strikes – I

To spurn the Lord is open to any man,
But then to avoid the Devil – nobody can.

You cannot serve God and Mammon, says Our Lord, because Mammon means riches, or the devil of greed for money, and so either we will serve God or we will serve money (Lk. XVI, 1–13). The modern world turning its back more and more on God falls naturally under the power of money. Today the banksters, or banker-gangsters, rule the world, and right in front of our eyes are the steps they are taking by means of money to complete their control of the entire world. The following presentation of those steps owes much to an American commentator accessible on the Internet at Highimpactflix.com

From the beginning of the United States in 1776, there was a great struggle for control of the new nation. True patriots like Presidents Jefferson and Jackson strongly opposed the founding of a national central bank, because they knew that the money-men would control the USA for their own interests and not for those of the nation. This resistance to the money power lasted until 1913, when by various subterfuges the money-men succeeded in getting Congress to pass a law founding the so-called Federal Reserve, clever name for the first American central bank, because there was in fact no federal or government connection at all. To this day the Fed, as it is commonly known, has belonged to a consortium of private bankers, in other words the money-men. And true to form, they promised at the outset to put an end to the disastrous business cycle of financial boom and bust, but in fact they have presided over a century-long fall in the value of the American dollar which is now worth only a fraction of what it was worth in 1913.

Today, says Brian of Highimpactflix, “The Fed has been and is involved in fuelling a global scheme to steal the wealth of the world and to control the people of the world by bringing us to our knees economically.” Some people will say that this scheme goes back a hundred years. Other people will say it goes back even further. What concerns us here is how the scheme is unfolding today. What follows is merely some of the bare bones of that scheme.

What is essential to understand about the Fed is that it always has been independent from the US government, and yet in 1913 it was given control of the United States’ money supply, which according to Amschel Rothschild (1744–1812) means virtual control of any government. And coming out of the Second World War, the USA was replacing Great Britain as the leading world power, so that the dollar replaced the pound sterling as the world’s leading currency. The dollar was backed until 1971 by the US gold reserves, but in that year it was taken off the gold standard so that it became mere paper backed only by the worldwide prestige and confidence which it still enjoyed, indeed in 2020 it still has no rival as a practical worldwide currency. However, being henceforth merely paper or electronic figures in a computer, dollars could be multiplied almost without limit by the Fed, which gave the banksters owning it even more power, unless and until they so multiply dollars as to make them completely worthless.

Now as the Western peoples have over several centuries turned more and more away from God, so they have turned more and more towards materialism and money, giving prestige and power to the banksters and their central banks (controlling the governments). And the banksters have built around their central banks, in their own interests, a financial system so intrinsically crooked that in the early 1900’s Henry Ford could say that it was just as well if the peoples of the nations did not understand the Western banking and monetary system, because he believed that if they did, there would be a revolution overnight.

And so what is happening today is that by two unspeakable frauds (the covid-panic and the George Floyd riots) the banksters are collapsing the economies of the Western nations and “rescuing” them with floods of unreal dollars riding on what confidence remains in the existing dollars, thus indebting them to the Fed and making them its servants, and the banksters’ slaves (Debt enslaves – Prov. XXII, 7).

Next week – the two frauds, the Fed’s tentacles and the judgments of God.

Kyrie eleison.

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