Doug Casey on the Next “Crisis” the Global Elite Have Planned (internationalman.com)

Every year, the most influential world leaders come together at Davos in Switzerland, where they present the most visible element of our international ruling class. They overlap with many other groups who are pushing the same agenda, including Bilderberg, Council of Foreign Relations and Bohemian Grove. These people are all part of what we might call the “World Deep State.” They all know each other. They go to the same conferences and share the same world-view. They live in their own little silo, where the rest of the world’s 7.9 billion population are outsiders.

In 2019, well before the first case of COVID was reported, the World Economic Forum (WEF), which hosts the annual Davos conferences, held an event to discuss the possibility of a worldwide pandemic – Event 201. They ran a simulation exercise for how the Covid scenario could play out and how governments, large corporations, and the media should handle the situation. This elite has been planning the idea of a virus for years, and they may do various things with it. Pretending to be friends of mankind, they may justify their plan as a way to cleanse the gene pool, reducing world population by 80 or 90%. Or the vaccine may be used itself to kill many people after a while and to sterilize the rest. Or it may serve as a means for the vaccinated herd, the obedient 80%, to put the independent 20% into internment camps for the unvaccinated. Or the current virus may be just the first gambit, and after the Delta and Mu strains a genuinely serious Zeta “variant” will present itself.

In any case we now have genuinely crazy people in control of the apparatus of the state. They have exactly the same psychological and philosophical profile as the French (1789) or Russian (1917) Revolutionaries. They are not going to let go of power voluntarily. They are turning many countries into genuine police states. It is happening right before our eyes in Australia – the entire country is locked down. Masked at all times, people cannot go more than a couple of miles from their homes without suffering draconian penalties. No one can enter Australia, no one can leave!

Here in the USA, vaccine passports are on the way. In a recent speech of Biden, he made the unvaxed out to be a potential enemy – a domestic danger. With this COVID nonsense the elite are playing the health card. They are also playing the race card and domestic terror card. They are succeeding in delegitimizing American values and history, as well as masculinity in general and white males in particular. Next is due to come back the Global Warming scam. The “plebs” will not be allowed to do anything, and most will go along with it because they have been indoctrinated over several generations. The elite are doing everything in their power to ramp up fear. Fear for our health, fear of domestic terror, fear of the non-compliant, and fear of the climate destroying the planet. Fear is the most powerful tool governments have to control the people. They thrive on fear. Fear is the health of the modern State.

And so as we enter the trailing edge of the Greater Depression, things are similar to 1914 or 1939. However, World War 3 will not be about nuclear weapons or conventional armies. It will be primarily a cyber and biological war. The cyber war aspect will be huge because the entire world now runs on computers and is starting to run on Artificial Intelligence. Earlier this year, the WEF started to make a lot of noise about cyberattacks disrupting global supply chains. A cyber pandemic and a closing down of the Internet are a near certainty, because for the elite to get control, it is essential for them to stop the people organizing to challenge them, so they must stop them from communicating with one another.

Kyrie eleison.