Priceless Femininity – I

It is where the soldiers of a besieging army are pouring over the walls that the defenders need to fight. It is where the salvation of souls is being most hindered that servants of God must most fight. That is why these “Comments” and the “Rector’s Letters” that went before them come back often to the unwomaning of women and to the unmanning of men. God’s complementary design of man and woman, going back to Adam and Eve, is basic to human nature and life. And when that design is torn up by man and supposedly thrown away by the foul manipulations of “gender” and so on, how can the supernatural grace of God come in to land within human natures so radically fouled up? And without grace, where do they finish?

In theory, Catholic womenfolk should not have too great difficulty in understanding and accepting how God designed them. In practice, the pro-feminist propaganda is so relentless in today’s abject education and vile media that even Catholic women’s natural instincts and God-given sense of their true role in life are often overwhelmed by the thrust of pride towards seeming power. Here are some rough but wise words on woman, from Irene Claremont de Castillejo, Knowing Woman: Feminine Psychology:—

Any girl who grows to womanhood without knowing that love is her supreme value has been spiritually raped. Feminine spirituality expresses an attitude of spiritual waiting, and tending, and readiness for the meeting with its opposite which is a prerequisite for woman’s inner wholeness. Without this she becomes a prey to the masculine within herself, a raging spirit of intellectual or physical activity to which no man can be related, and to which she can in no way relate herself. She is a woman possessed.”

And then from Henry Makow, Ph.D., Western Women Have Lost Their Power to Love (revised):—

“Western women have been tricked into pursuing power instead of love. Paradoxically, they have never been so powerless. They want to be loved but no longer have love to offer in exchange. In the movie War Games from 1983, the hero, Matthew Broderick, is a computer whiz-kid who accidentally starts a nuclear countdown and races to avert catastrophe. His girlfriend, played by Ally Sheedy, is seen in a complementary role, basically helping, encouraging and admiring him. He is the leader. But her presence informs, validates and heightens everything he does. It’s as though his actions are dedicated to her. This is the way heterosexuality works. Woman empowers man by entrusting her power to her husband. This is how woman loves, i.e. by trusting, enlisting as First Mate to his Captain. If this movie were remade today, she would be Captain, he would be emasculated, and they would break up.

“From Chaucer to Freud, men have asked, ‘What do women want? It’s really quite simple. They want to be loved. Specifically, they want the passionate lifelong love of a husband. But what makes a man love a woman in this way? Her sacrifice. By throwing her lot in with his, by accepting his leadership, and by serving him and their children. In other words, lasting love is earned by deeds. It is not based on sex appeal (which wanes) or witty comebacks. It is built on bonds of GRATITUDE.

By teaching women to be self-seeking instead of self-sacrificing, Feminism has deprived them of their stock-in-trade, love. All they have left to give is the act of marriage without marriage. Because they won’t surrender to a loving husband, they’re reduced to giving themselves to strangers.” (End of Makow quote.)

“But, Your Excellency, where are the Captains? Where are the potential loving husbands who will lead? The men today are wash-outs, not excluding the Traditional Catholics!” Girls, just like you have been de-feminised without your realising it, so they have been emasculated, by today’s whole wretched culture. You must pray, because God can easily find you a young man. Pray to St Anne, as above, but first of all, promise her that if she finds you a man, you are ready and willing to submit to him. That way she will be rather more inclined to search for you. Then twist her arm. Heaven does not mind that – Lk XVIII, 2–8.

Kyrie eleison.