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Syrian Sense

A young Syrian woman lists eight reasons why the New World Order hates her country and its present government – resisting the Antichrist.

A remarkable summary on the political level of how and why the world has gone so wrong today is presented on YouTube by “Syrian Girl Partisan.” She is a young Syrian patriot giving eight reasons why the New World Order hates Syria and is doing all it can to overthrow the present Syrian government and replace it with NWO puppets. But Catholics must not allow Western propaganda and lies to poison their minds, nor must they say that politics have nothing to do with religion. The NWO is driven by the mad dream of eliminating altogether the Social Kingship of Christ the King, together with God’s natural world order. Here are the Syrian Girl’s reasons:—

1 Syria’s Central Bank is state-owned and state-controlled so as to serve the national economy and the Syrian people, instead of enriching the international banksters of the Western nations and Israel, who force upon almost all nations of the world usurious loans generating artificial debt crises by which these nations are in effect enslaved. 2 Syria has no international Monetary Fund debt. The IMF acts as the debt collection police of the international banksters. Any wise nation stays out of the IMF’s clutches, which is what Syria has succeeded in doing, but the banksters are not happy at all with such wisdom. 3 Syria has banned genetically modified seeds, or “Franken-food,” because Bashar Assad wants to protect his people’s health. “Franken-food” means food control which means population control. Obviously the NWO favours “Franken-food” (the USA imposed it on conquered Iraq.) 4 Syria’s population is well-informed about the NWO, whose domination of the world’s puppet politicians by its think-tanks and secret societies is openly discussed in Syria’s media and universities. Such openness is anathema to the NWO, which must cover its operations in darkness. 5 Syria has massive oil and gas reserves, and it is working to exploit them independently of the giant Western oil companies like Shell and Texaco. The NWO loves oil, but not oil independence. 6 Syria clearly and unequivocally opposes Zionism and Israel. In recent years even the base Western media have reacted to Israel’s virtual turning of Palestine into a mega-Goulag. Syria denounces Israel’s brutal apartheid. Obviously the Jewish lobbies all round the world will unite to use all their influence to put an end to such firm opposition to their fellow-Jews in Israel. 7 Syria is one of the last secular Muslim States in the Middle East, and refuses to recognize any superiority of that people which still claims to be the Chosen People of God (even 2,000 years after the Incarnate God, Jesus Christ, ceased to choose his People by race and began to choose it instead by faith – Romans III, IV, etc.). The same lobbies will chastise any refusal of their religious as of their racial superiority. 8 Syria proudly maintains and protects its political and cultural national identity, whereas the NWO seeks to melt down all nations (except one) into a single conglomerate mass of sheeple for the approaching Antichrist.

Watch the original nine-minute video of “Syrian Girl Partisan” on YouTube, or read the excellent Argentinian commentator’s summary on actualidad.rt.com/expertos/salbuchi. (These “Eleison Comments” draw heavily on Adrian Salbuchi’s text.) Whatever be other faults of the Muslim nations, who cannot notice how much more they are doing than the corrupt and decadent Western nations to resist the godless New World Order?

Kyrie eleison.

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