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White Identity – III

Young man, put God back in His rightful place,
And all of life will stand on a solid base!

That identity today should be such a problem for many people (see the two previous issues of these “Comments”) is an artificial state of affairs. Something is out of true. When people are leading normal lives, they have a natural identity corresponding to who they are, and they may never even think about it. But today white people are being twisted out of true, by somebody else but they have only themselves to blame, and the result is that they have all kinds of problems which they do not need. To get to the heart of the matter may take a few more questions:

You said last week that everything turns on Christ and that returning to Him would solve all identity questions. But billions of non-Christians have no identity problem. Billions of non-Christians lead normal and decent lives without Christ. Why should He have to be brought into it?

Christianity obviously began in the Holy Land, but with the Apostles it spread rapidly all over the known world: with St Thomas to India, St John and St Phillip in Asia Minor, Nathanael in Armenia, Matthew in Africa, Thaddeus in Persia, and so on. Now in any of these regions the new religion could have caught on as it did in Europe with Peter, Paul, Andrew and James the Greater, but it is to the continent of Europe that God gave special gifts of nature, and graces of conversion, to make of Europeans the missionaries of the world. Thus whereas after 600 years the Middle East largely forsook Christianity to adopt Islam, on the contrary Europe was gifted and famed for its orthodoxy, Rome especially soon (Rom.I, 8), and God had before prepared the whole of Europe to support the Catholic destiny of Rome by the Roman Empire. One might dare to say that in the mind of God Europe and the Faith are closely identified with one another, which suggests that Christ is an essential part of European or white identity in particular.

And what part did the Jews play in all of this?

You are right to ask the question, because for good or ill they are always special in the mind of God. In fact they fought against the Church, tooth and nail, from the very beginning, as we read in the Epistles of St Paul, e.g. I Thess. II, 14–16. And it is they who for instance persuaded the Roman Emperor Claudius (41–54 A.D.) to persecute the Christians. And if they see in the white race the people most responsible in the past for the success over many centuries of the religion of Jesus Christ, it can come as no surprise if they use all of the power they have built up today in politics, the media and films and academia to blacken the whites to the point of making them ashamed of being white. Hence the lack of identity for the whites.

But why do the whites not defend themselves if they are God’s champions? Why does God abandon them?

The answer to both questions is because they have abandoned Him. Who can deny that the great mass of whites today either no longer believe in God at all, or at least no longer take Him seriously ? And you think He does not notice? Think again! There is an old pagan proverb which nevertheless corresponds to the natural law: “Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.” Whites today are blind, and going suicidally mad, and all peoples following are being led to madness. And if they are being scourged by the Jews accordingly, it is absolutely their own fault for having abandoned God, Who cares for His children too much to let them roll down to Hell without having serious problems beforehand.

So what is the answer, finally?

Forget about identity! Think about Our Lord Jesus Christ. Think about the tremendous death He suffered for you and me. Turn to His Mother to plead with Him for you. Pick up Her Holy Rosary and pray at least five Mysteries a day. And beg Her to obtain Russia’s Consecration to Her Immaculate Heart, which alone will unlock the salvation of mankind, which is at the moment more problematic and locked up by the day. She will prevail. And God bless you.

Kyrie eleison.

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