Whither, World?

So we have reached a new year without either the Church having completely collapsed, or the world having crashed into its Third World War, but both disasters have been brought significantly closer. What path are we on? What chance do we have of avoiding disaster?

As for the world, Syria in particular is being turned into a powder-keg where the powder is being piled up for a bigger and bigger explosion. America and Russia, each with their allies, are ready to fight for either of two contending visions of the world’s future: the banksters presently controlling the USA want a unipolar world where their New World Order will exercise a worldwide hegemony; the Russians on the contrary want a multipolar world where they can retain their national independence and look after their own interests. And who can blame the Russians if they want to prevent the NWO from taking over the world? So far they have acted with great restraint in the face of vile provocation from the West.

But as ever, man proposes while God disposes. If men will not stop sinning, then at the moment chosen not by them but by him the dogs of war will be let loose. As usual, men will know why they started the war, but God alone knows how it will end. The Russians have some remarkable weapons, so that the West is by no means sure of “winning,” especially if enough prayers go up from all of us to Heaven for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, because then the Russians might obtain for all of us an interruption of the world’s march to the abyss. In any case the war will be just as long and as devastating as God needs for his purpose of saving not civilisations (so called) but souls. Will souls learn their lesson? If not, God may need to allow them to wreak even more havoc upon themselves.

As for the Church, its influence on world events is decisive. Wherever true Catholic priests are administering true Sacraments, they are extinguishing those sins which are the cause of war (James, IV, 1). But what have we seen through 2015? The churchmen presently controlling the Church have shown little to no sign of wanting to return to the true doctrine of the New Testament from the false principles of Vatican II, and Pope Francis in particular by his unrestrained application of those principles seems intent upon nothing so much as upon destroying the Catholic Church. Now back in the 1970’s when the Council’s work of devastation seemed irresistible, God in his mercy gave to his Church an Archbishop who would raise a new generation of Catholic priests to witness to the true Faith and show in real life that it was not out of date, thereby acting as a brake upon the devastation. But Archbishop Lefebvre died in 1991, and his successors at the top of his Society soon began losing his grip on the necessity of resisting the modern world with its sinister Council. Through 2015 we saw only one sign after another of the Society drawing closer and closer to neo-modernist Rome.

We are driven to ask, do these successors still have any understanding of why the Archbishop set up his Society of St Pius X in the first place? Do they still have a sense of the true Faith? Do they realize their grave responsibility to witness to that Faith, and not let it be blurred into the world? Let them think hard in 2016, before it is too late, before the Society finally dooms itself to lose all its savour by joining in the Conciliar apostasy, by no longer acting as a thorn in the side of the neo-modernists and by ceasing to sustain that true Church which alone has the secret of world peace, Our Lord Jesus Christ, “yesterday, today and for ever, neither liberal nor modernist” (quotation of Archbishop Lefebvre).

Kyrie eleison.