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A Man of Money Speaks

When God is scorned, in comes a flood of lies. That Covid rules, should come as no surprise.

Doug Casey is a highly successful investor in the USA with many years’ experience of making money behind him. He has not only a knowledge of finance, which keeps his feet on the ground, but also a certain all-round culture which he must owe to some education in the humanities. In what he writes, he barely mentions religion, but he does combine the best money-men’s realism with knowledge of human nature. He is by no means infallible, but his world-views are interesting. Here is one of them, adapted and summarised from last July 7, entitled “Why most people outsource their thinking to the “Experts.”

Thanks to the internet and modern technology, people now have easy access to a mass of information on almost any topic, yet they seem to be doing less critical thinking than ever. This is surely because technology, such as the internet, is intrinsically mechanical and entirely predictable, whereas human beings are not machines but spiritual beings with a free-will, not predictable but requiring wisdom for its handling. To that free-will technology is entirely alien, but whereas wisdom requires personal thought which can entail painful effort, the solutions of Google are as effortless as they are instantaneous. That is why, if thinking for myself costs too much effort, I may well turn to my inhuman computer for an answer.

But in the place of a wisdom which sifts, a computer can offer me only a mass of unsifted information, at which point, be it a question of finance, economics, politics or many another domain, I am liable to call for “experts” to tell me what to think. However, most experts today have had only a narrow technical formation and not yesterday’s broad human education. So instead of a philosopher’s bird’s eye-view of my problem, I meet with a technician’s worm’s eye-view. And the more and more the data necessary to run a society of today become technical and complicated, the fewer and fewer become the philosophers, in the true sense of the word, and the more and more credentials from modern “universities” become useless. A “college degree” often means today merely taking on in youth a debt barely payable for the rest of my days, in exchange for no better than a camouflage of my mediocrity. In search of genuine solutions, I may then turn to celebrities, because I assume that famous people know something, but while they are good-looking and present well, in reality they know little to nothing. Back to the fabrication of “experts.”

The Covid-nonsense only accelerated these trends. Throughout the hysteria most people believed like robots the “health experts,” and they attacked the wise men who used their minds to bring forth logical information and data which challenged the established narrative. So the media and the Establishment selected a set of credentialed health experts, promoted them, and told the public that they know what they’re talking about, e.g. Anthony Fauci, who is now elevated from nowhere to near-dictatorial control. On the contrary, people that have written numerous peer-reviewed papers and done serious lab work, count for nothing because they disagree with Czar Fauci. Thus “health experts” now rank amongst our rulers, because telling people that they’re going to die, to their loved ones’ peril, is a powerful motivator to get them to do as they’re told.

This is all leading towards a many-tentacled police state. The people who run the State have control of the money supply, the economy, the education system, the media and the medical system. The same rulers have long since emasculated true religion. It is being replaced by updated versions of Marxism (which was always a secular religion, even though it claimed to be “scientific”), like Greenism and Wokeism (both, substitute religions). Our rulers have mounted a war on many fronts – they will blame the collapse of the economy on Covid, and as the depression drags on, they will blame it also on global warming. Covid and Global Warming are two cosmic lies designed to dodge the blame for the coming chaos, and to establish the globalists’ worldwide tyranny. So much for the “experts”!

Kyrie eleison.

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