Bankster’s Confession

What a drama is that of every soul, using its free-will every day of its short life on earth, to choose either the Truth of Our Lord Jesus Christ to attain eternal bliss, or the deceits of the Devil so as to crash at death into the torments of Hell, for ever and ever. “God is not mocked” (Gal. VI, 7), but He cares for every single human soul, doing all he can to bring it to Heaven, short of taking away its free-will. Yet most souls prefer Hell (Mt. VII, 13–14)! However, on the Internet (youtu.be/cRuKmxQSPSw) is the drama of a soul struggling towards the light – a modern Dutch banker who fell deep into the snares of the Devil.

Ronald Bernard’s difficult father led him to believe as a child that the world and men are “far from great.” So the highest ideal of his youth was to make as much money as possible. In several lines of business his natural gifts made him successful, but one day a broker with whom he worked told him that if he really wanted to make money, he should go into finance, just so long as he could “deep-freeze his conscience.” RB laughed, because “self-preservation” had taught him long ago to control his conscience. He went into finance, where the same gifts made him rise higher and higher.

He says he never reached the very top, but he was next to it. His client banks needed agents to manipulate large money flows in such a way that nobody except those in the know could trace what was going on. Thus the elite maintain their position while the rest of society is suppressed, says RB. And “if you want to know what is really going on, follow the money.” The game, as he calls it, of manipulating huge sums of money he loved, and for five years he was very good at it. By playing it he learned how in reality the bankers, governments, secret services, terrorist organisations, etc., etc., are all playing together, so that “the whole world as we think we know it is just an illusion that we believe in.”

However, the human misery which he also saw being caused by this primacy of money slowly brought his conscience back to life. When a colleague told him how a deal which they had brought off to dump lira had bankrupted a family father’s business and driven him to suicide, at first RB laughed, but then he discovered that most of the people he was dealing with were Luciferians who took Lucifer very seriously. He on the contrary found their ceremonies amusing – until the day when he was invited to take part in a ceremony of child sacrifice. The Luciferians were wanting to get a grip on him by potential blackmail if he took part. He remembered his own sad childhood. He refused. Then he realised that “there is a whole invisible world,” and he began reading and discovering and making connections. Not out of stupid prejudice but out of bitter experience, he recommends to anyone wanting to see modern life as it really is to read the Protocols of the Sages of Sion. He says there is a group of people wielding ultimate power who are “carrying an intense hatred, anger . . . an all annihilating force that hates our guts, hates creation, hates life” and means to destroy us completely. Catholics ignore such a statement of reality at their peril. The Rosary is their defence.

As for RB, he tried to soldier on, but the tension between his work and his conscience had become unbearable. His body shut down, and he needed a year to recover, because amongst other things, on his way out of high finance he was “treated” to stop him from ever giving away names of corporations or colleagues he had known. He realised why so many of his colleagues had taken to drink or drugs – or were already dead, whereas the opening up to him of the whole non-material world had given him to see that “he” was more than just his body, and this helped that “more” to survive his body’s total collapse.

Despite many steps taken towards the light, RB names in this interview neither God nor Jesus Christ, but even that omission may be a mercy of God, to reach towards the millions of Internet souls who will run a mile at the mere mention of God’s Holy Name. It is up to Catholics who have the Faith to pray for so many souls that are deeply ensnared in the multiple illusions of modern life.

Kyrie eleison.