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Oedipus Rex – Part Two

A curious aspect of Oedipus Rex is the audience knows the truth of the play because they know the myth of Oedipus. The hero is blind to the truth and must have is own pride crushed before he will admit to it. The audience must suffer with his struggle as he cites excuse after excuse to reject the truth. There is disorder throughout. His pride keeps him blind. The price he pays for his blindness is blindness. There must be blood to appease the gods. The Greeks had a measure of wisdom in their culture. They developed a sense of logic and reason. And in that sense they sought universal truth. The question that perplexed them was what was the use of the greatness of man if it all comes to death. This is the question that must be answered. Their gods hated death but were powerless against it. Great suffering must take placed before wisdom is acquired. Sophocles must have had a special grace when writing this play, for in it he comes close to profound truths. That is why this play remains timeless. It would not be until the Incarnation that man would know these answers.

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