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Shakespeare’s Othello – Part III

This is a question and answer session, with a wide range of topics. Shakespeare had an eighth grade education, equivalent to a Harvard doctoral degree of today. Shakespeare was raised in a good Catholic family with good Catholic ancestry who heroically professed their Faith. He possessed a vivid imagination that was fed the best that theater could offer in the form of the Corpus Christi plays that he witnessed as a child. By the end of his career he was able to recover the lost prominence of the family name by purchasing a title of Gentleman. Shakespeare is credited as being the most creative writer in the English language, perhaps in all of literature. It is said that between him and Dante, they share the world. Dante was a religious writer and Shakespeare was a secular writer. They both wrote about the same things but from different perspectives. Dante was firmly rooted in the medieval world while Shakespeare had one foot in the medieval world and one foot in the modern. This is the central conflict in all of his work. But Shakespeare is far more creative, having created thousands of characters. It is said that after God, Shakespeare created most.

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