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Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale – Conference II, Part 2

The final act of the play takes place back in Sicily, where the story began. The anticipation of the reunion of the daughter to her father and the two kings does not happen on stage, but off stage. The reason is that it is impossible to have two climatic scenes at the same time. The second reunion will suffer. But this is not the highpoint of the play. In the chapel where the final scene takes place, is a beautiful, almost life like statue of a woman. It is Hermione, the presumed dead wife of King Leontes. She moves. She comes to life. She is resurrected. It is magical. This is the only time in all of Shakespeare’s works that he withholds information from the audience. We are stunned. And the purpose of this moment is to bring us as close to heaven as possible and the day when we will all be resurrected to life and reunited with those we love. Christ taught us what we need to know to attain salvation through stories, through parables. It is in our nature to listen and learn. We are created with this. Listen to the Master, trust and obey.

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