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The Christian Comedy of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice – Part I

This masterful exposition by Dr. White of The Merchant of Venice, one of Shakespeare’s most controversial comedies, shows the deep truths and lessons to be found in the three caskets of gold, silver, and lead which decide Portia’s husband; and the significant personalities of the men who choose each one. Dr. White shows that Portia’s father was not cruel in imposing this test on his daughter’s suitors, but, on the contrary, very wise indeed. Also covered is Shakespeare’s masterful weaving together of a total of three different, intertwining plots along with useful commentary on the nature of comedy itself. Dr. White discusses the stark differences between Shakespeare’s money-centered Venice and the music-filled fairytale of Belmont, where Portia resides, emphasizing that the women and men are unhappy because they are separated, and are meant to be together in families and society.

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