Conciliar Mentality

In these “Comments” of April 6 was mentioned “a discreet meeting” between Bishop Huonder and two bishops with five priests of the SSPX, held in Eastern Switzerland on April 17, 2015, to discuss the ecumenism of Vatican II. A month and a half later Menzingen (SSPX HQ) sent out to SSPX priests a “confidential note” on the meeting which included the few details published here on April 6: BpH’s “Agreement before doctrine,” the SSPX’s reply with true Church doctrine on ecumenism, and BpH’s Huonderland promise to take that doctrine to Rome. Worth looking at in more detail are the arguments of BpH in favour of putting doctrine second, because here is the mindset destroying the Church.

Bishop Huonder put forward eight arguments, according to the confidential note. They are all given here, slightly adapted, in italics. Answers follow below.

1 I (BpH) am very concerned that the SSPX should be canonically re-integrated in the official Church.

2 Without that canonical status, the SSPX has only minimal influence because it is marginalised. Conservative bishops want that status for the SSPX, otherwise everybody is against the SSPX.

3 I don’t think you want to be in schism. You want to prove your unfailing respect for Church Authority.

4 The Church’s Magisterium must listen to what theologians say, including those of the SSPX., in a spirit of mutual respect. The Magisterium must also check to see that any evolution in the Church since the Council is in line with Catholic Tradition.

5 Benedict XVI’s lifting of the 1988 excommunications and his liberating of the Tridentine Mass are signs of good will on the part of Rome.

6 An agreement with Rome would give support to the Superior General of the SSPX and to its apostolate. Also it would give to the SSPX a right to ask the Magisterium for explanations.

7 The Church needs the SSPX for its New Evangelisation.

8 An eventual canonical recognition would need to be followed by treatment of the theological questions to find solutions.

And now for some answers –

1 Honourable Bishop, that is nice of you, but being nice is not the same thing as being Catholic.

2 The SSPX had great influence as long as it was telling the Truth, but according as it has abandoned Catholic Truth to align itself on Rome and the rest of the world, that influence has waned and is

waning. Would you not have encouraged Our Lord Himself to align Himself on the Pharisees?

3 Archbishop Lefebvre’s Society was never in real schism because he was only putting God before men. The Newsociety, like the Newchurch, is moving into real schism by putting men before God.

4 No respect whatsoever is due to error and its poison, like that of Vatican II. Infected by the Conciliar poison, today’s Newmagisterium is very inadequately supervising the Church’s evolution.

5 Conciliar good will, such as that of Benedict XVI, is at best subjective good will, but to be real good will it must be aligned on objective truth, of which all Conciliarists, as such, have lost all notion. “The way to Hell is paved with good intentions,” says a wise old proverb.

6 An agreement with Conciliar Rome would be the final death of the Catholic SSPX, which needs no agreement with Rome to demand that the Romans stop betraying the true Catholic Faith.

7 The true SSPX spurns the “New Evangelisation,” unreal solution to the real problem of Vatican II.

8 In other words, “Agreement before doctrine.” That is a grave error, proposed by all Conciliarists, because if one lives any lie for long enough, one will finish by believing it. Vatican II is a great lie.

In brief, BpH’s eight arguments are all human considerations, essentially unhooked from the objective Truth of the real Catholic Church. May God give him to see how the Conciliar Church has gone astray!

Kyrie eleison.