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This lawyer has Covid’s great evil seen.
God comes up next upon his mental screen?

These “Comments” make little to no apology for coming back so often to the question of Covid, to the crime of Covid, because it promises to be for a while to come the major battlefield in the great war between Satan and God for the souls of men. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is an international trial lawyer from Germany who has successfully sued, on behalf of victims of fraud, major German corporations such as Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank. He denies being a religious man, but he clearly does not like fraud, so when he sensed major fraud in the Covid-nonsense, with a team of helpers he entered the fray. From interviews with more than a hundred individual politicians and doctors involved, he gave an overview of his team’s conclusions in an interview with the Stop World Control website in July of this year. Below is a summary of those conclusions –

The Covid so-called “pandemic” is a planned criminal operation, an unprecedented crime against all mankind. Around 0.000001% of the world’s population – a group of around 3000 super-rich people, including Klaus Schwab’s Davos clique – is trying to gain control over the rest of the world. A second Nuremberg trial will be needed to prosecute all the criminals responsible. In fact a team of over 1000 lawyers and over 10,000 medical experts led by Dr. Fuellmich has begun legal proceedings against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Davos Group, for crimes against humanity.

This has never been about a virus or about health. This has always been about the elites taking all liberties from the people to make them completely dependent, and about so reducing their numbers by depopulation as to facilitate complete control over the survivors. Nor is Covid about money, because the super-rich already have more than they need. But the self-appointed political and corporate elites do use money as a tool to bribe such people as doctors, hospital workers and politicians. The president of Belarus, for example, said that he was offered almost a billion dollars to lock down his country. The elites use also all kinds of psychological techniques to manipulate people, and if anyone still resists them, they will use threats to bring them into line.

The so-called “vaccine” is not a vaccine at all, but years ahead the so-called World Health Organisation changed the definition of “vaccine” to cover their sinister experimental gene therapies of today. Likewise in 2009 they changed the definition of “pandemic” so as to make the people panic for fear of a major plague which was in reality nothing of the kind.

The Covid “pandemic” was created by two lies. Firstly the PCR test which produces high percentages of false positives, yet all the lock-downs, mask mandates and “vaccines” are based on this fraud. And secondly “asymptomatic infections,” by which perfectly healthy people can supposedly carry the disease and infect others with it. This was to make everyone fear everybody else.

Globalism is the culprit – private global organizations such as the WHO and the WEF (World Economic Forum) have taken control over the entire world. In 2019, things were coming to a head financially and about to implode – Covid was a diversionary tactic. Europe is the main battlefield of this war. Europe is bankrupt. The pension funds have been completely robbed. That is why the elites want to bring Europe under control – before people figure out what’s going on.  In this war we will not be able to save everyone. People will lose not just their livelihoods – many will lose their lives. On a spiritual level, if we do lose this war, that will be the end of man.

Kyrie eleison

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