Covid’s Logic

“Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof,” says Our Lord in the Sermon on the Mount (Mt. VI, 34). We are never to worry excessively about what may happen tomorrow, amongst other reasons because it may never happen. Therefore the Canadian government’s blueprint for the future of Covid-19, already briefly presented in one paragraph of these “Comments” six weeks ago, may not be so much of interest for the details and timing which it announces, both of which can change, because on Lenin’s instructions the Revolution is to remain supremely adaptable. What is of real value to souls is to discern the logic in the elements of the Revolution so as not to be completely confused by how events risk soon unfolding.

In today’s world crisis the Revolution harnessed firstly (tertiary) economics in the autumn of 2019 when America’s Federal Reserve began to rescue the more and more tottering USA economy by more and more huge injections of funny money, enslaving the benefices beneath mountains of debt. Then in the spring of 2020 the revolutionaries began enslaving the (secondary) politics of the entire world in the chains of the huge Covid lie, namely that the Corona virus ranks alongside the bubonic plague as a danger to men. This cleverly chosen excuse of public health disguised also the enslaving of (primary) public religion, a bonus for the revolutionaries whose primary aim is war on God, and the damnation of souls. That the Catholic churchmen themselves even anticipated the State authorities in closing the Church doors testified to how weak the Catholic Church had become since Vatican II. And so they raise hardly a squeak of protest against the falsehood of the “pandemic” of Covid-19, which we were and still are being told by the “scientists” and politicians will kill millions and millions of people.

What an abject lie! By now nearly ten months of statistics prove that the corona-virus is little if at all worse than an average winter-flu virus, it is only our scientific, medical and political “authorities” that have conspired to create and maintain a state of panic among the people so as to manipulate them (fear is a famous manipulator). The Revolution comes from Satan, and Satan is “a liar and the father of lies” (Jn. VIII, 44). And so the abject lie continued in November with a second lock-down, due to be completed at the turn of the year, and by a third, Covid 21, later in the New Year, when these authorities are capable of letting loose for their purposes a much more serious virus than Covid-19.

Early next summer Canada is due to resort again to economics for the next feature of this Revolution, a “Universal Basic Income Programme” to enable the government to control every individual’s income, making all money digital and as equal as possible, equality being a major part of the Revolution’s anti-natural dream of eliminating all the variety and hierarchy that God planted in His Creation. The background should be a worldwide economic breakdown, engineered to force citizens to enter into the “World Debt Reset Programme,” by which Mammon’s International Monetary Fund will provide all the funny money needed to pay off every citizen’s personal debts (mortgages, loans, credit cards, etc.), in exchange for his forfeiting ownership of any and all property and assets for ever, and secondly for his accepting a double vaccination to “protect” him from Covid-19 and Covid-21. In the ending of private property readers may recognise both a major aim of the Protocols of the Sages of Sion, and that which some people call the essence of Communism. In the vaccinations they may recall a quote of Henry Kissinger from tens of years back: “When the people accept to be vaccinated, it is game over,” meaning that the Revolution will have triumphed once and for all. Revolutionaries deeply mistake God.

But so convinced are they of their ultimate victory that Canadians who refuse to enter into this new order of things will be detained indefinitely in new “isolation facilities” being hurriedly built now, until they accept, because of course by refusing vaccinations they will be a “public health menace” – always the same basic lie, that the authorities are concerned about our health. But “Fear not little flock” of those who truly love God. He has planned to give us His Kingdom (Lk. XII, 32), and not all the various Sages of the world, or of Sion, can stop Him.

Kyrie eleison.