Divine Solution

The last two issues of these “Comments” concluded that in today’s confusion in the Universal Church, descending from Popes possessed by Revolutionary ideals, Catholics should turn to God for God’s own solution, because he cannot abandon souls that have not first abandoned him. This solution exists, not complicated, accessible to all, guaranteeing eternal salvation, requiring only a little faith, humility and effort. It is the Devotion to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary by the practice of the Five First Saturdays, in a spirit of reparation for the insults, blasphemies and outrages committed against the Mother of God.

Why reparation to the Blessed Virgin Mary? Because God, knowing from eternity how perverse the world would become towards its end, gave to his Mother, as St Grignion de Montfort foresaw in the 18th century, a special motherly part to play from the upheaval of the French Revolution (1789) onwards. Through the 19th century she was indeed able, for instance through Lourdes, to reach a multitude of souls that liberalism and scientism could otherwise have damned, but by the 20th century too many souls were spurning even her motherly care. So as God had given to his Church in the 17th century the Devotion to his own Sacred Heart, so in the 20th century he gave the Devotion to his Mother’s Immaculate Heart, with the warning to mankind that this would be his last such gift before world’s end. And insults being for him worse to his Mother than to himself, then men’s spurning of her special efforts to save them called for special reparation.

She herself from May to October of 1917 in Fatima, Portugal, presented her Heart as the remedy for the ills of mankind which were about to be made much worse by the outbreak of the Russian Revolution that same October. And as the world plunged downhill in the 1920’s, to the point where today countless Catholics are holding onto their faith only by their fingertips, she gave to any soul a sure and easy means of ensuring its eternal salvation if only it will take, for once in its life, a little trouble on her behalf: to make reparation on five first Saturdays of the month successively for outrages against 1) her Immaculate Conception, 2) her perpetual Virginity, 3) her universal spiritual Motherhood, 4) her images and statues and 5) the little children being cut off from access to her. Press HERE to see the attached flyer for precise details.

The offer of so much in exchange for so relatively little is incredible, but as the flyer says, it makes sense. God has known from eternity all the chaos now closing in on us in which the Fifth Age of the Church is drawing to its close. We are losing our health, our families, our freedom, our countries, our priests, our sacraments, our Church, and soon very possibly our lives. Our world is sinking into a chaos organized by the enemies of God to wipe out the last traces of him. All this of course he knows, and the growing difficulty, even seeming impossibility, of leading Catholic lives. Therefore he offers us the guarantee of salvation if we will make just a little effort to make reparation to his Mother. Thereafter we may go crazy, go to prison, go to our deaths, even lose the faith, but at the moment of death we have God’s promise that she will be there with all graces necessary for salvation. How can any believing Catholic not take up on the offer? There are certainly priests in all parts of the Church who will do their best to help.

But the least we can do for our part is fulfil exactly what Heaven requests, notably the five distinct intentions of reparation, and here is where the flyer must help. Ordered in bulk on paper from the Fatima Centre in Canada, or downloaded on paper, it presents 20 little boxes to tick for the diagonal climb from modern storm to Heavenly calm. Children love ticking boxes. It does no harm to adults. All aboard for Heaven!

Kyrie eleison.