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God does exist. Our bliss He does desire,
But our misdeeds have fully deserved His ire.


Catholics, wake up! We are on the very brink
Of being forbidden by law to eat or drink!


An ace investor knows how the real world works.
One such tells here what in our future lurks.


Yet God is love, and wants us all in Heaven –
For this, we Catholics must be His leaven!


There’s method in the madness of today,
A method pressing friends of God to pray


Pol’tics replaced religion, scorning God.
Until we get that clear, expect His rod!


This lawyer has Covid’s great evil seen.
God comes up next upon his mental screen?

Rosary Blast II

Four Rosaries a day is too much prayer?
Just wait and see – soon it will not be rare!

Plausible Scenario

Are Covid “vaccines” really such a threat?
Alas, they may be much more deadly yet!

Bleating Lambs

Archbishop Lefebvre was right – wolves occupy Rome,
That make it anything but true Catholics’ home.

A Man of Money Speaks

When God is scorned, in comes a flood of lies. That Covid rules, should come as no surprise.

Merciful Chastisement?

Great God, please let me always understand,
The Covid-nonsense comes straight from your hand.

(Not that you cause the evil, but you allow
Most evil men to choose it, here and now.)

Wise Lefebvre – II

Lord, I believe, but give me more to believe.
The whole world round me is so apt to deceive!

Godless Governments – II

The time is out of joint. O cursed spite,
That ever I was born to set it right.
(Hamlet, end of Act 1)

Great Reset?

Dear readers, pray that Catholic truth be told
By many more Archbishops of God’s Fold.

Life Precious

“When I was born, I didn’t agree to Hell!”
God gave you all you needed to live well.


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