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Past Issues

8 of 31 Reasons

Dear Rabbi, please accept our thanks immense
For a massive dose of rare old-fashioned sense.

Solzhenytsin Speaks

By suffering under Communism Russians learned
What really matters, and to God returned.

31 Reasons

Sir, had there been a few more men like you,
We would not be in this appalling stew!

Covid Nonsense

The Covid nonsense drips with abortions’ blood –
If these go on, beware a fiery Flood!

Ruinations Causes

Then let us tell and love Truth to the end,
And humbly under its yoke our necks extend.

Science Doubted

From Nature many a man the way has trod
To reach their joint Creator, Almighty God.

White Identity – III

Young man, put God back in His rightful place,
And all of life will stand on a solid base!

White Identity – II

Men’s deepest split is not, Gentiles or Jews,
But which, of Christ or not Christ, men will choose.

White Identity – I

Let white men but to Jesus Christ come back,
Identity they never again will lack!

Second Flood

Out of the first Flood came a golden age.
The second will a great Church triumph engage.

SSPX Questions

Society priests are being kidded along.
The worldwide schmooze today is mighty strong!

Madiran – Conclusion

To scorn God leaves all mankind in the lurch –
Can Catholics see the importance of their Church?

Communism Returning

I want a creed, a crusade, and no weak tea!
Your “decency,”“fair play” – too soft for me!

Madiran – Betrayal.

From God we came. To God we’re meant to go,
By Christ. Is there another answer? No.

Covid’s Logic

Satan is always, everywhere, defeated,
But always some souls’ losses are repeated.


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