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Past Issues

The Enduring God

True Judah is the Church, and God will give
A Pope and Monarch, making it re-live.

God Central

Let every day more souls be interrogating
With what these criminals are inoculating!

Vigano Pleads

These “Comments” have more than once quoted Our Lady saying in Japan in 1973, “Only I can help you now.” It is typical of the

World War III

The Synagogue reigns by God’s all-wise permission.
Without it, little would stop our self-perdition.

Four Concerns

The Church today is in a great confusion –
May the need of charity be our prime conclusion.

Beethoven Symphonies

The best of white males’ culture we must cherish.
It has no rival, and it may not perish !

8 of 31 Reasons

Dear Rabbi, please accept our thanks immense
For a massive dose of rare old-fashioned sense.

Solzhenytsin Speaks

By suffering under Communism Russians learned
What really matters, and to God returned.

31 Reasons

Sir, had there been a few more men like you,
We would not be in this appalling stew!

Covid Nonsense

The Covid nonsense drips with abortions’ blood –
If these go on, beware a fiery Flood!

Ruinations Causes

Then let us tell and love Truth to the end,
And humbly under its yoke our necks extend.

Science Doubted

From Nature many a man the way has trod
To reach their joint Creator, Almighty God.


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