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Fiftiesist SSPX

”Do both the one,” says Jesus, “and the other.”
Forget not God in trying to help your brother.

The parallels between the state of the Universal Church in the 1950’s and the state of the Society of St Pius X in the 2000’s keep arising, because it is the same malady that has afflicted both Church and SSPX. In what does that malady consist? In a desire so to reach out to man slipping further and further away from God, that the true God is distorted beyond all recognition by being brought down to the level of godless modern man. With the Church, the Faith of all time was to be adapted to fit our modern world, giving rise to the Second Vatican Council. With the SSPX, Catholic Tradition of all time was to be made to fit that Council, giving rise to the slide of the SSPX. “The same causes produce the same effects.”

Last year was the 100th anniversary of the great Apparitions of Our Lady in Fatima, Portugal. She warned of terrible disasters that would befall mankind if her warnings were not heeded. The churchmen reacted inadequately, because after several years She had to tell Sister Lucy that even good souls were not paying sufficient attention to Her requests, while bad people were of course going on their sinful way. Thus the first part of Pope Pius XII’s reign (1939–1958) was marked by his devotion to Fatima, but in the 1950’s he was persuaded to split the devotional aspect of the Apparitions from their political aspect, notably the Consecration of Russia, and to disregard the political aspect while retaining the devotional, a great mistake. Now see exactly the same mistake being made by certain Superiors of the Society in the 2010’s.

A colleague in the Society of St Pius X heard last year (2017) sermons on the subject of Fatima (1917) from two of its senior members. Where he expected a thorough treatment of the Apparitions of Fatima, all he heard was words pious, by no means false, but both of the preachers pictured a world in good health! The greatness, goodness and mercy of Our Lady were spoken of, and of course Her Immaculate Heart as a mighty place of refuge for us Catholics. Nothing wrong so far. But, our colleague goes on –

“There was not a word on the catastrophic situation in which individuals, nations and the Church find themselves today. The First Part of the Secret of Fatima was mentioned, but neither the Second nor the Third Part. Are the nations not in all kinds of trouble? Is not Mother Church with Pope Francis at its head in unimaginable trouble? Given this situation, how can anyone dare to pass over in silence the Second and Third Parts, with not even a mention?

Our Superiors are taking on a huge responsibility. They are lulling our Catholics to sleep, a religious sleep – “We have the true Mass, we have the Faith, we have priories, we are members of the Catholic Church . . . what more do we need?” Sermons like this prevent any reaction, there is no engagement in the battles of the Mother of God, no word of warning against today’s electronic gadgets. Here is how Catholics become lukewarm.

“When the children of Fatima were obliged to look into the fires of Hell, their prayers, efforts and sacrifices markedly increased. Do we Catholics of the 21st century no longer need such a view of Hell, such a view of the catastrophic condition of current politics and the Catholic Church? Many of our faithful do not even notice that something important is being kept from them. When they hear sermons of this kind, they are enthusiastic, they praise the preachers, they are happy as can be. Alas, it is all too understandable that men prefer what is light and pleasing to what is harsh and true.”

Kyrie eleison.

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