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Historical Truth – II

Truth is the fruit of liberty, forsooth?
Rather, Our Lord said, liberty’s root is truth.

As last week’s “Comments” reminded readers, it is Scripture itself that tells us that the Antichrist will come, because men lacked love of the truth (II Thessalonians II, 10). God is truth (Jn. XIV, 6), and so when men turn away from God they open themselves to lies. But Satan is the father of lies (Jn. VIII, 44), and so to welcome lies is to welcome Satan and ultimately his Antichrist, the worst of all enemies of Christ. Therefore to think that the modern political scene being full of lies is not a religious problem because politics and religion have little to do with one another, is to have a very defective view of religion. The love of truth matters in all areas of life. “The truth will set you free,” says Our Lord (Jn. VIII, 32). Sure enough – a mass of people today are enslaved by the lies of the vile media, and the media are vile precisely because they lie, gravely and systematically.

Last week’s example of a monstrous untruth widely accepted came from France, although that untruth holds sway all over the world. This week’s monstrous untruth comes from the United States. No doubt many of the readers of these “Comments” know that the real story of 9/11 is not at all what it has been made to appear, but still far too many minds are bent right out of shape because they have not wanted to know the truth. As a result, their whole perception of the course of events in the 21st century remains twisted out of true by what has been made to appear a “terrorist” attack in 2001 on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. As with last week’s monstrous untruth, just a few hours on the Internet would give them all the evidence they need to know the truth, but “none so blind as he who will not see,” says the proverb.

A great American lover of truth, Paul Craig Roberts, tells in his June 8 article “The American Catastrophe,” how frustrating it is to urge upon his fellow-countrymen the true narrative of events, only to be answered, “If it was a conspiracy, somebody would have talked.” Yes, of course, he replies, but it has no effect whatsoever if they do talk. He quotes Israel’s 1967 attack on the American Navy ship, Liberty, totally exposed since then by senior American officers and officials, yet still officially covered up. He quotes the political assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy in the 1960’s, both still officially covered up despite the clear evidence, and then he comes to 9/11:—

As for 9/11, more than one hundred first responders (fireman and police) and World Trade Centre maintenance personnel who were in the Twin Towers have testified that they heard and experienced multiple explosions inside the towers before barely escaping with their lives. Maintenance personnel have testified that the first explosions were in the sub-basement before the plane hit the tower. Demolition experts have testified that the buildings were without any doubt brought down by controlled demolition. Three thousand architects and engineers have said that the official story is impossible. Independent scientists have published their findings that the residue of the towers contains reacted and unreacted nano-thermite. But all of this talk has had no effect on the official cover-up. The experts are dismissed as “conspiracy theorists,” a term that the CIA introduced into political discourse to discredit those who exposed the cover-up of President Kennedy’s assassination.

This “American catastrophe” of a people largely disinterested in evidence or truth is right now leading directly to World War III, because the American public is accepting to believe that Russia interfered in the American election last year, that Russia wants to attack its neighbours, that Putin is another Hitler – all lies. Paul Craig Roberts is in virtual despair at this lack of love of truth. We will all of us pay the penalty.

Kyrie eleison.

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