Money, Truth

The gravity of last spring’s corona-panic fabricated by the people ruling and of this summer’s riots performed by the people ruled, both artificial but together threatening to bring civilisation as we have known it to a stop, is making a number of people think. What is going on? What lies in store for the autumn? They see governments in synchronisation all over the world fabricating the seriousness of the corona virus and falsifying the statistics of the corona deaths. They see rioters being organised and paid to gather from all over the United States to wreak contradictory havoc in a number of cities. Where is this flood of lies and contradictions coming from? And where is it leading? Above all, who is behind the coordinated onslaught against truth, law and order?

In answer to the last question, the classic principle is “Cui bono?,” or, “Who is standing to gain?”

Hardly the people ruling, who are discrediting themselves by their inept fumbling of whatever is real in the corona crisis, and by their often weak reaction to the real emptiness of the rioters. Hardly the people ruled who do not like the real loss of their normal lives or livelihood. Is it not clear that somebody hostile to rulers and ruled alike must be manipulating both of them? But who has the necessary power to do the manipulating? Rulers can be bribed by money, especially if they love money (some observers say that modern governments are the best that money can buy). And peoples ruled can be led by the nose by equally bought media-men with little concern for truth.

What then if we observe that the money-men in our world have taken care to buy control of the media, our newspapers and television and, most recently, our social media? These money-men, or the “banksters,” banker-gangsters of our world, surely have the power to have manipulated the corona-panic and the riots, in synchronisation. But for what purpose? Men have always pursued money, in general for all the things that it can buy, but in particular for the sake of power. Pride loves power, money feeds pride and power. And it looks right now in 2020 as though we are being the witnesses of an unprecedented grab for global power, made possible by modern technology.

The corona-panic engineered from the autumn of 2019 onwards made it possible for governments virtually to shut down the economy of their countries and to destroy a multitude of livelihoods and small businesses. But is that not suicidal for democratic governments? The banksters will bail them out, creating out of thin air all the money they need to lend it to them, bringing the governments and nations under their power, as the debtor is under the power of the creditor. The banksters will succeed in enslaving an entire world which had too much love for money, and too little love for truth.

Had these nations loved truth more, they would have risen up long ago against the stream of lies coming out of the media, and they would never have swallowed the pack of lies surrounding the corona-virus and its surrounding masks and “social distancing.” Had these nations not loved money too much, they would never have allowed the money-men to bribe them into acceptance of a money-system based on a variety of deceits, notably fractional reserve banking, culminating in the enslavement of mankind by the sheer trickery of “money” fabricated by merely punching out figures on a computer.

So what now can be done? As far back as 1973 Our Lady said in Akita, Japan, “Only I can help you now.” And She said, “Pray the Rosary for the Pope, for bishops and priests.” For details of a weekend pilgrimage to pray exactly as She asked, look up respicestellam2015@gmail.com At Walsingham in Norfolk, England, September 18 to 20.

Kyrie eleison.