A valiant priest, Fr. Ed Macdonald, formerly of the SSPX, now of the “Resistance” Down Under (Australia or New Zealand), issues a Traditional magazine of his own entitled The Broken Wheel. For its third issue, appearing last month, when the Covid grab for power is giving rise to a lot of talk about “the new norm” and the “new normal,” he wrote an interesting editorial about just what is “normal,” and he gave an answer which is thoroughly Catholic if one thinks about it, but which is actually abnormal for many Catholics today. They – we – all of us – need to do more thinking! Here is a summary, about one quarter as long as Fr. MacDonald’s original –(https://​tradidi.​com/​resources/​the-broken-wheel-issue-3.​12/​)

The rulers of today’s world tell us that we are going to have a “new” normal. Clearly it will be something artificial or contrived. So what is “normal”? For human beings the norm or rule is to Know, Love and Serve God. This is why “God made me.” If I do not know God I have deviated from the norm. If I do not Love God, or if I refuse to Serve God I am behaving in an abnormal manner. Yet in 2021 neither we nor our fathers have had much experience of a normal society. For instance, few of us have been blessed with a normal family life, and even fewer individuals have lived up to the norm of sanctity for which God meant us. He made us for Heaven. Only saints enter Heaven. Only the saints have lived up to God’s norm. Only the saints are, or have been, truly normal.

For over a hundred years, deviant behaviour has portrayed itself as normal. We have been accustomed to it and do not hate and detest it as we should. The public practice of false religions is a grave evil. Contraception, abortion, euthanasia and divorce are all abnormal. A home where parents are not respected is abnormal. But we in the West have tolerated and lived with such deviant behaviour for so long that we have difficulty imagining what a Catholic Society would be like. We have all loved “living the life we choose.” The Covid scam has brought an end to those days. They are gone forever. They never were normal. Now we are pining for those days of unbridled liberty, which was in fact licence to do evil. It was a house of cards built on sand. There is no liberty that is not based upon Truth. We should rejoice that those days are finished with their endemic sins. We now live under an openly totalitarian communist system, in which a few men, direct servants of Satan, control all western governments. We have the Kingdom of Satan on earth. This is not a political problem and there will not be a political solution to it . It is foolish for Catholics to fight for a restoration of the abnormal society that has just finished, a society without Christ as King.

Therefore each of us must ask himself: Is my home normal? Is Christ truly King in that little corner of creation subject to my authority? If not, we must do what we can to bring about the subjection of our own households to Christ the King, starting with the daily family rosary. We must obey Our Lady, and keep the First Saturdays, with the conscious intention to make reparation for the blasphemies against Her. We must pray intensely for the Pope with all bishops to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. We must do penance for our own sins, for sinners, for the public sins of the Pope and Church hierarchy, and for the public sins of our political leaders. We should beg Our Lady to send a leader who will raise a Christian army to conquer the enemies of God, and institute a Catholic civil order.

God is in charge. He permits these evil days so that we may be justly chastised for our sins. If we repent and amend our lives, the whole world will be blessed. Strive to acquire that relative perfection that God wants for you. One holy soul benefits Church and world more than do numberless mediocre Catholics.

Kyrie eleison