People’s Voice – II

President Putin’s June interview with the Financial Times, partially summarised and quoted here last week, became notorious because his prophecy that “the liberal idea” has done its time and is out of date, hit a raw nerve with Western politicians and media. They reacted vigorously, like ants whose ant-hill has been struck with a stick. What is the significance of his prophecy, and of the Western reaction to it? We must begin with a summary of the summary, in order to get clear what is at the very heart of his argument. In the original long interview he spoke on many subjects, but what he said on liberalism was indeed the most important subject that he broached.

The President starts out from the practical problem for Western peoples of the mass immigration of inassimilable foreigners into their countries. At ground level, multiculturalism is simply not working, but the liberalism of the elites leading the West makes them treat the immigration not as a problem, but as an enlightened advance, so they do nothing to stop it, and it continues unchecked. But States cannot survive without some basic human rules and moral values, which were formed in the West by the Bible. By the liberal elites’ disregard for these biblical values still held amongst the peoples, the liberals are proving that their liberalism is no longer in touch with reality and has become obsolete. Let anti-liberalism not turn into a tyranny in its turn, but the present stranglehold of liberals on Western politics and media is a true tyranny, and it must come to an end.

In brief, liberal values are opposed to Biblical values. Biblical values built the Western nations. Liberal values are destroying those nations. It is time for liberal values to stop destroying the West. Here Putin is quite right as far as he goes, but since he is a politician and not a theologian, he cannot express the argument in its full force, and he has to rest his case not upon absolutes such as Almighty God and His ten Commandments, but upon the presence still of Biblical values amongst the peoples of the West. Now 70 years of acute suffering under Jewish Communism are bringing the Russian people back to the Christ of Orthodoxy, so that Putin can rest his case on his own people’s return to Biblical values, but is there anything of Christ in the Western people’s resistance to mass immigration? Hardly. And yet there is a decisive participation of the enemies of Christ in the organising and financing of the mass immigration. (Readers of these “Comments” may remember the Jewess in Sweden, Barbara Specter, who boasted that her race was behind the immigration, “necessary to save Europe” – understand, from Christ.)

Thus if Putin rests his case for the Western nations upon their fidelity to Biblical values, who can deny that these are being eroded faster and faster? – “Thank you, Mr President, for wanting to defend us, but in all honesty we do not care for your defence. We love our liberalism because it gives us freedom to sin however we like. You are trying to save us from ourselves, but we worship Mammon (money), and we adore our liberty, equality and fraternity. We choose to go to Hell. Kindly leave us alone. We took centuries to get rid of God, and we do not want Him back.” Such is the reaction of the West, implicitly if not explicitly, to Putin’s political approach. He needs firebrand apostles to state the religious case in its most absolute terms:—

God exists, unchanging from all eternity. He freely chose to create spiritual creatures, angels and men, with a material earth, so as to have beings to share in his infinite bliss. But He does not want robots in His Heaven, so every spiritual creature had or has to use its free-will to choose to spend eternity with Him in Heaven instead of without Him in Hell. Yet a third of the angels and the original human couple chose Hell. He prepared a race to provide a human cradle for His divine Son to take human nature to repair that Fall. That race crucified His Son, and has fought ever since the Church which His Son instituted to continue saving souls until the end of the world. That fight is a cosmic war, the driving force of world history.

Kyrie eleison.