Professor Drexel – II

As with many alleged messages from Heaven, if anyone were to say that the essence of the messages given to Professor Drexel from 1970 to 1977 is already in the Gospel, namely “Blessed are you when men revile and persecute you . . . for your reward is great in Heaven” (Mt. V, 11–12), they would be quite right. But if they went on to say that his messages are not necessary because they are already in the Gospel, they would be quite wrong. In the 1970’s began the moral torture of many good Catholics torn by the priests of Vatican II between their Catholic faith and their Catholic obedience. It took Our Lord to tell souls like Prof. Drexler, again and again, that it was His own priests who had betrayed.

For indeed Catholics who for 400 years had been saved by their obedience to the faithful Council of Trent (1545–1563) could not, to begin with, grasp that the same obedience could no longer be given to the unfaithful Second Vatican Council (1962–1965). By 2020 the fidelity of Archbishop Lefebvre to the unchanging pre-Conciliar faith and Mass have had time to raise Tradition all over the Church (although there is still a long way to go), but in 1970 it was simply inconceivable except to a very few souls that the Catholic Pope and bishops and priests could be demolishing the Church. Hence the need for messages like this one of July 3, 1970 from Our Lord (as one may well believe) to Professor Drexel:—

“Be in good spirit and do not let yourself be discouraged by the unrest and attempted demolition of My Church, nor by the subversion of the order of the world. It is true that Satan and his demoniacal powers are in action as never before in the history of mankind and the Church. But through the influence of God and the action of the Holy Ghost, is not a Work being created, which, more than any other work, calls upon the help of the angels, the supernatural powers and the good spirits? This work is of divine origin!

May all the faithful of My Church walk in peace and with firmness towards the future.

Satan will rage, and his best helpers are the priests who have fallen away, interiorly and exteriorly, from their faith and their consecration. Mary Immaculate, never touched by sin, shall be victorious. Although My flock that follows me and My cross, and that is faithful and with love believes in the holy presence of My Body and Blood, may become smaller, nevertheless faith and prayer, the profession of faith and hope, and the love of truth, shall triumph in the end. The storms may rage. In nature they can crack rocks and burst dams. But God is all-powerful, truth is stronger, grace richer and more abundant, and therefore the Rock which I have founded will last until the end!”

In the same vein are words from the message of March 5, 1971, to Professor Drexel:—

“Do not be discouraged by the present internal and external oppression of My Church. It is from within that the servants of God have become unfaithful to their vocation and their grace ( . . . ) These are the priests and theologians, as they call themselves, who have abandoned and betrayed me, and who are still persecuting me. Their number increases ( . . . ) Never since I walked visibly among men have the troubles of My one and true Church been so great as at this present time – and the distress is still growing.

Nevertheless, do not despair – even if the flock of which I as Divine and Good Shepherd spoke, becomes very small, that Church which I founded on Peter and which I compared to a rock, shall be destroyed neither from without nor from within. But you and all souls who have been entrusted to you by the Father, must continue to work for the Church, for the faith and for souls. The people helping you shall harvest blessings for their good deeds, and this blessing cannot be compared to anything in this world.”

Kyrie eleison.