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Rosary Blast II

Four Rosaries a day is too much prayer?
Just wait and see – soon it will not be rare!

In the great naval battles of the Second World War (1939–1945), rendered out-of-date today by aeroplanes and missiles, great warships still confronted one another, but the size of their guns was decisive. Normally, only big warships could take on big warships: for instance, in 1941 it took Germany’s prize battleship, the Bismarck, to sink the pride of the British navy, H.M.S. Hood, as it took two of Britain’s heavyweights, the Rodney and the George V, to sink the Bismarck.

But even that greatest of wars known until then, the Second World War, pales in comparison with the spiritual war being waged from the Fall of Adam and Eve until the end of the world between the forces of Good and the forces of Evil for the eternal salvation or damnation of souls. The heavyweight on the side of Evil in this war is the Prince of the fallen angels, Satan himself, for whose diabolical intelligence and cunning no mere mortal human beings are a match, as we can see in the Covid-nonsense. Decent men, politicians or doctors or anyone else, try with might and main to stand up to the Satanists but alas, they are usually overwhelmed, because the enemies of God under the guidance of Satan have been plotting this onslaught against mankind for centuries, and it becomes fiercer than ever as we approach the end of the world. All the nonsense of Covid is going to prevail – unless the friends of God call on their own heavyweight, the Mother of God: “Only I can help you now,” She said, in Japan in 1973.

And why is She the heavyweight of all forces of Good? Because She has Satan under Her heel, because by her deep humility She overcame all Satan’s promptings and temptations at the time of Her Son’s Passion and death and resurrection in order to remain absolutely faithful to God, and Her divine Son rewarded Her with Queenship of His Universe, which includes all the angels, faithful or fallen, including Satan. No other creature on earth ever rendered Him remotely such faithful service as She did. No other creature has ever been rewarded by Him with any remotely comparable power over all creation. Here is why in all ages of the Church She has always been venerated by Catholics, but especially in modern times, when Pope Leo XIII had in 1884 a famous revelation of Satan being let loose from Hell to punish a mankind made more sinful than ever by its liberalism.

And for the 20th century Our Lord told us that the last devotion He would grant to a world sinking to its end would be the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of His Mother. He may have calculated that men might push Himself away as a man, but they would surely have more difficulty in pushing away the gentlest and most tender of mothers. And so She is appearing all over the world in its last times, pleading with men to heed Her Son, and not throw away their souls into the inextinguishable fires of Hell, for ever and ever. And each time that She appears, She begs of us to pray the Rosary, in particular for the Pope and for bishops and priests, because She knows better than anyone else how all mankind depends on Her Son’s one true Church, and how much that Church depends on its fallible, but indispensable, human ministers, the churchmen.

Therefore last year a Rosary Blast was organised at England’s principal Marian shrine, in Walsingham, Norfolk, and it was a great success, so this year it is being repeated, with an extra day added. Last year, 105 Mysteries were prayed and put in Our Lady’s hands; this year, God willing, 150. For all souls far from Walsingham but wishing to participate in the Rosary Blast, English summer time is Greenwich Mean time plus one hour (GMT+1). Complete Rosaries are scheduled for October 7 at 8pm; for Oct. 8th and 9th at 9h30am and 11h30am, and 3h00pm and 8h00pm; finally on Sunday October 10 at 9h30am.

And why so many Rosaries? Because things are so bad that only She can help us now. But She can!

Kyrie eleison.

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