Rosary Blast

In whatever events are due to fall upon us this autumn and thereafter, it will be essential for all souls who have the good fortune to believe in God to be turning in mind and heart to Him, because He is at the very centre of these events, and they cannot be understood without Him. That is why the mass of conservatives and liberals alike are today “walking in darkness.” It is only souls with the Faith that “have the light of life” (Jn. VIII, 12) who can read what is going on.

For centuries what is called “Western civilisation” has been turning away from God. Yet He alone could and did create the spiritual and rational soul which alone gives life and free-will to every man alive, and this He did to enable man to choose to go to Heaven, if he wants. If he refuses such an offer, he deserves only to go to Hell, which is what he in fact wanted in order to get away from God, because he died in a state of revolt against Him. Thus all souls on earth are all the time making their way towards Him or away from Him, in accordance with God’s justice, tempered by His mercy, both infinite in scope. At the very heart of the most bitter atheist’s being – is God.

And this turning towards or away from God is what human life on earth is all about, whether men recognise it or deny it. By today, 2020, God has been driven so far out of the picture that among men both His friends and His enemies can be more unconscious than conscious of being such, but that is nevertheless what they are, and what is driving their lives. The unconscious friends we call “conservatives” because they are trying to conserve the last remains of Christendom, better known today as “Western civilisation.” The unconscious enemies of God we call “liberals” because they are trying to liberate themselves from the same last vestiges of the Ten Commandments.

It is the greatness of God which gives to conservatives their strength, incomparably greater when they understand that much, and turn to Him, but greatly diminished if they want or try to fight for Him without Him. That is why politics today are constantly shifting to the left, because the conservatives have ever less of God in them, or to fight for. This means an ever weaker enemy in the face of the liberals, crusading with a religious fanaticism for their New World Order without God. It is only because God is involved that the clash between conservatives and liberals in the United States is on the brink of civil war, on the brink of tearing the nation apart.

Things have come so far that as far back as 1973 Our Lady said in Akita, Japan, “Only I can help you now.” There she also said, “Pray the Rosary for the Pope, for bishops and for priests.” Indeed the heart of today’s national and international problem lies in the Catholic Church, because the one and only true God has one and only one institution on earth which He Himself instituted to bring men to His Heaven, and that is the Catholic Church. The world could not possibly be in the terrible trouble in which it finds itself today had not the agents of the New World Order succeeded in infiltrating and crippling the Catholic Church at the Second Vatican Council, held in the 1960’s.

That is why these “Comments” cannot believe in or promote all kinds of well-meant but inadequate action to save Church or world, but they can and do believe in a “Rosary Blast” to be held next month, between Friday and Sunday, September 18 to 20, at the foremost shrine of Our Lady in England, at Walsingham in Norfolk, 27 miles from the city of Norwich. Let anyone interested in really helping to solve the problems of Church and world contact respicestellam2015@gmail.com in order to take part in praying five complete Rosaries in some 40 hours. Mother of God, help!

Kyrie eleison.