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Tag: Episcopal Consecrations of 1988

France Stirs

Priests met in France, and met with good success,
To relieve, we pray, some of the Faith’s distress.

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Resistance Advances

The Episcopal consecrations’ 25th Anniversary was commemorated equally by the “Resistance” in the USA, by the SSPX in Écône.

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Momentous Decision

The author of “Eleison Comments” has been excluded from the Newsociety of Bishop Fellay, not a good sign for the old SSPX.

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Resistance Undermined

A bishop’s gravely erroneous sayings cast in doubt whether July’s General Chapter granted the SSPX anything more than just a reprieve.

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Archbishop Speaks

A letter of Archbishop Lefebvre after he consecrated bishops shows what drastic measures he considered necessary to defend the Faith.

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Turning Point

Before the Episcopal consecrations of 1988, Archbishop Lefebvre did work for a practical agreement with Rome, but thereafter, never again. Never again.

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Valid Bishops?

A dying Cardinal betrayed Freemasonry’s diabolically subtle plan at Vatican II to invalidate the Catholic sacraments not suddenly but gradually.

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Recent Comments

Motu Proprio – I

To a doubting French journalist the author of “Eleison Comments” expresses confidence that the imminent Motu Proprio will do much good.

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Motu Proprio – II

Indeed, it both declares that the Tridentine Mass was never banned, and permits Latin rite priests to use it, whenever and wherever.

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The Cinema

By overloading our eyes and ears, said Kafka, the cinema overwhelms our minds. Minds being overwhelmed means that lies triumph.

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“Pascendi” – I

In his outstanding Encyclical of 100 years ago, Pius X nailed the deadly error of modern times: minds’ independence from their object.

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