From the Italian Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, living in hiding for fear of his life, comes yet another admirable declaration to say what every single serious churchman should be saying in order to defend and protect Our Lord’s own sheep from a gang of murderous wolves, now revelling in the effective paralysis of those who should be their shepherds. And if these “shepherds” actually believe in, and preach, compliance with the wolves, can they really not see the dictatorial power grab of these wolves? What blindness! Truly, “Only I can help you now” – Our Lady, in 1973! Here is the usual summary of the Archbishop’s clear and truthful words, as he spoke, no doubt by electronic means, to a protest meeting held in Turin on October 18 against the “Green Pass” being imposed to prove one has been inoculated –

The globalist elite have declared in no uncertain terms the society that they want to create. In the documents about the Agenda 2030 of the World Economic Forum we read: “I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.” Private property, in the plan of the globalists, will have to be abolished and replaced by a universal income that allows people to buy only what the elite have decided to sell them. Agenda 2030 also includes electronic money, with the obligation to buy and sell with a card that is linked to the “Green Pass” and to social credit.

The health dictatorship and the now-imminent ecological dictatorship, effectively legitimize a system for evaluating our behaviour, such as is already in force in China. Each of us will have a certain score, and if someone is not vaccinated or eats too much meat, their points will be reduced, and they will no longer have access to specific goods and services. These tyrants want to deprive us of our very means of subsistence, forcing us to be what we do not want to be, to live as we do not wish to live, and to believe in things we consider to be a blasphemous heresy.

You have to be inclusive,” they tell us; but they hurl themselves against us, discriminating against us because we want to remain sane, because we consider it normal that the family is composed of a man and a woman, because we want to preserve the innocence of our children, because we do not want to kill children in the womb or the elderly in their hospital beds. “We respect all cultures and religious traditions,” they specify; and it is indeed true that all of the idols and superstitions find a place in the ecumenical Pantheon of the new Universal Religion desired by Freemasonry and the Bergoglian church. But there is one religion that is banned: the true Religion that Our Lord taught to the Apostles, the Religion that the Church proposes to us for belief. The lie reigns, and there is no citizenship for the truth.

Nevertheless, our protest against the Green Pass must not stop at considering this specific event, however illegitimate and discriminatory, but it must expand to the overall picture. We must know how to identify the aims of the globalist ideology and those who are responsible for this crime against humanity and God. If we do not understand the threat that looms over us, limiting ourselves to protesting only one detail of the entire project, we will not be able to mount a strong and courageous resistance. 

However, we do have something globalists do not have. We have the Faith, the certainty of Our Lord’s promise: “The gates of hell will not prevail.”We invoke the Most Holy Virgin, the  Janua Coeli , the Gate of Heaven. May she who in the Book of the Apocalypse strikes the head of the ancient Serpent be our Queen and our Leader in battle, in view of the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.

Kyrie eleison