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Poor planners of a “great” and godless world –
Into the depths of Hell they will be hurled!

A colleague in the priesthood has written another valuable overview of the whole Corona or Covid affair, to help souls to see clearly what it is all really about, as opposed to what liars of the past, present and future tell us it is all about. He explains how the insane pride of a tiny group of men is wanting to build “The Final Tower of Babel,” to shut God out and take His place, once and for all. Their purpose is therefore threefold: to decimate mankind; to create a global New World Order; and to create an entirely new kind of man, to be controlled by a satanic elite – themselves. In fact they have been working on this project for centuries, but the final breakthrough of something so new called for a worldwide “pandemic” to usher it in – hence the “Corona virus,” from Wuhan in China.

But the low Corona death statistics gave the lie to the “pandemic,” as did firstly the universal strict censorship in the world’s official media of any story to the contrary, such a censorship as could only come from a highly efficient and supremely powerful centre of power; and as did secondly the world’s servile politicians, ready to force upon the public any farce commanded by their hidden masters, in this case the farcical proposition that the only answer to the “pandemic” is their “vaccine,” or injection.

We must pause for a moment on the diabolical “vaccine” coming from this elite of Satanists. It is an unfinished product, intrinsically dependent on the multiple abortions of the “medical” foetus industry,

functioning by the manipulation of human genes, sterilising women, laden with metal nano-particles to work towards the blending of human beings with machines, that “transhumanism” beloved of people like Karl Schwab in order to create a completely new kind of human being, to be no longer created by God.

Such a sort of Satanic baptism, intended for all mankind, is absolutely unacceptable for Catholics.

We come back to the threefold goal of the Globalists with their so-called “pandemic” and “vaccine.”

Firstly, to decimate the world’s population. As commemorated by the monumental Georgia Guidestones erected in 1980 near Atlanta in the USA, the first Guideline reads, “Keep World Population under five hundred million,” i.e. well under its present eight billion, because the much reduced number of trans-humanised beings will be that much easier for the tiny NWO elite to control as their slaves. Deaths should rise steadily as the repeated “Vaccines” and boosters steadily undermine men’s immune systems.

Secondly, as the crumbling remains of the past Roman World Order are being driven into the wall by a deliberate financial crash and a planned Third World War, so their ruins will make possible the erection of the brand New World Order. And as Christendom will supposedly have failed, so men will turn to an Anti-Christian prolongation of their atheistic materialism, namely Communism, on the Chinese model, with “freedom” being replaced by total supervision and control of the population, by injected “Chips.”

And thirdly, by the successful blending of man with machine through implants in brain and body, heavily researched in several countries ever since the end of World War II, human evolution will take a great step forward, and the New Man will be born, “cleansed of the mistakes and omissions of man (as he is),” says Schwab. Here is the latest version of the glory of man replacing God – the final Tower of Babel.

So is this satanic programme fated to succeed? Is there nothing we can do? Not at all, says our colleague! Firstly, nobody can rob us, against our will, of our faith, or of God’s grace. Secondly, we need a great confidence in God. He may test us, like Job, but if we pass the test, great will be God’s reward. And thirdly, no Tower of Babel has succeeded in all human history. God is God. We need not be cowed!

Kyrie eleison.

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