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War Avoided? – II

Are Jews the world’s worst problem? Yes and no.
To go their way, I must consent to go.

Since the best of political commentators rarely get anywhere near the religious well-springs of history, and yet as God governs man, so a man’s relations with his God (religion) govern his relations with his fellow-men (politics), and so religion governs politics, then a religious commentator must open up the religious dimension of political questions which most people without God may positively wish their political commentators to leave alone. Almighty God seems to be as unwelcome on the present world scene as He is nevertheless its complete Master!

The theme of religion in fact driving politics arose in these “Comments” last week when it was stated that a certain race of men was behind both the media lies and the military pressure to start the Third World War. Given how murderous the latest weapons of modern times will make that war, who on earth can think that they will gain more than they will lose by the global conflict? The answer is, a race of men so absolutely sure of their superiority over all other men that they are convinced that they deserve to rule all mankind, and that they can and must manipulate world events until they arrive at that dominion, by fair means or foul, because the end is so sacred that it justifies all means. Sacred? The obliteration of mankind, sacred? Yes, a twisted sense of the sacred is the key to the insanity: “We, the Chosen People, are so sacred that either we rule the world or it must be destroyed, and ourselves with it!”

The problem is that from Abraham to Christ, they really were the race chosen out by God to be the cradle and launching pad of His own Incarnate Son. For two thousand years they were to be strictly separated from the rest of men and lifted above them, specially privileged and specially punished when necessary, in any case specially treated to make them fit to provide the divine Son with His human nature, human Mother and friends and race and surroundings, so that as their Messiah He could redeem all men from their sins. And if the African proverb says that it takes a village to make a child, what did it take to make a Blessed Virgin Mary? Say what one will about that race today, they did fulfil their mission in this major respect. The drama is that when their Messiah came among them and proved that His mission was to conquer the world for the Kingdom of Heaven and not for their glory, then they crucified Him, and as they have repudiated him collectively ever since, so they set themselves, as the Messiah-hating Race of the Messiah, an insoluble pathological problem, unless and until they turn individually to the Christ they have so hated.

From this pathology – or rather theology – of the Jews down two millennia, there follows a cascade of consequences for the correct reading of today’s world events, but the most important conclusions to be drawn are the following. First and foremost, if Almighty God is deliberately allowing a small number of Jews to master-mind the corruption and chaos of a large number of Gentiles, it is only in order to drive these Gentiles back towards Him. For indeed the one and only thing that the Jews cannot handle is the true Faith of the one true Catholic Church. God created neither the world nor the Catholic Church for all souls to fall into Hell, and so that whenever souls pick up on the true Faith they have in hand their “victory over the world” (I Jn. V, 4). And nothing and nobody else can force them to abandon that Faith. If they do so, they have essentially nobody but themselves to blame.

Then let every one of us turn in heart and mind to the one true God of the one true Church (not that of Vatican II), and the enemies of God, Jew or Gentile, can only lose their present power. Here alone is the true solution to our present worldwide corruption and chaos. If at all possible, fifteen Mysteries a day of the most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Mother of God, the greatest human person that ever lived – and a Jewess.

Kyrie eleison.

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