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There’s method in the madness of today,
A method pressing friends of God to pray

Such is the pressure of national and international events in the autumn of 2021 that readers of these “Comments” can be asking themselves, is there any other way forward for people living today than the way forward traced for them by the enemies of God, namely complete submission to the world dictatorship being established all around us by means of the universal “Covid inoculation,” amongst other brutalities. When Almighty God has allowed His enemies to go so far in dominating mankind in this life, what can He possibly have in mind for us who want not to abandon Him, but to get to Heaven in the next life? A reader of these “Comments” offers us in this issue and in the next a valuable view of the supernatural problem and solution respectively. We congratulate him. Read on –

On the worldwide scene, I think we are witnessing the unfurling of a plan so elaborate, detailed, and comprehensive, affecting every aspect of our social, political, spiritual/religious, professional and economic lives, that only an atheist could miss perceiving a superior angelic intelligence directing and inspiring it all. Because of that, unfortunately, I do not believe we will be able to think or manoeuvre our way out of the present chastisement. 

We will need to bleed our way out. 

The God “who is not mocked” is too offended. Unfortunately, there is so little repentance, conversion, and reparation, even amidst this chastisement, that it is all but guaranteed to intensify (i.e., God will continue to allow the devil to establish ever more his New World Order). If that much is true, then it is entirely reasonable to predict that the situation for true Catholics will deteriorate most of all, and not just because life will become harder for us, as we are forced to recuse ourselves more and more from civil society (being portrayed and viewed as “enemies of the (Godless) state,” and even “terrorists” who need to be rounded up for not being “vaccinated”), but also because we will be the only ones – precisely because we will have accepted the penance of not conforming – capable of making the reparation which God’s justice demands.  

Ultimately, I am concurring with Romano Amerio in  Iota Unum : A formless darkness is descending upon us from which there will be no escape, and which will make active resistance futile (at the natural level, but not at the supernatural level). But only lately do I begin to understand the essence of this darkness: It is the seeming incomprehension and deterioration of critical thinking skills, which makes polemics futile; it is a “diabolical disorientation” which makes any kind of confederation or united resistance impossible; it is a disfigured human nature – even in most who describe themselves as “Catholics” – which erects an obstacle to grace, preventing grace from taking effect in many souls, rendering us without supernatural assistance. For if grace builds upon nature, and nature is subverted by transhumanism, homosexuality, chemical DNA mutilation, etc., then grace can hardly penetrate. 

In short, the darkness is an intelligent attack.

Kyrie eleison

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