White Identity – II

The dialogue continues with a young white man of today who is looking for who he is, for his identity, but who fears to look for it in the direction of Christ, because Christianity seems subordinate to Judaism, which makes Christians inferior. Yet he cannot believe that Christ is lesser than the Old Testament.

I have learned that Noah was not Jewish! Then when did Gentiles become different from Jews?

With Abraham, around 2000 B.C. Adam and Eve were created by God around 4000 B.C. For 1000 years mankind so degenerated that around 3000 B.C. Noah was raised by God to save mankind from the Flood, necessary to give mankind another start with only eight souls on the Ark. After another 1000 years men were again corrupt, but this time God picked out Abraham to form a race of men (the future Jews) who by being set apart from the corruption of the rest of men (the future Gentiles) would be fit to provide another 2000 years later the human background of the Saviour or Messiah of all men, Jesus Christ. Thus the Jews were from Abraham to Christ the special People of God by race, to serve in future all mankind, but when the Messiah came and made clear that God’s own People would be no longer by race but by faith, then the Jews out of hurt pride turned against God, killed His Messiah and became the special people of Satan.

Then were the Jews the origin of Christianity?

Christianity is part human, part divine. The divine part came, and comes, entirely from the Holy Trinity, God, and through the God-man, Second Person of the Holy Trinity, Jesus Christ. It is only the human part, Mary, Joseph, 12 Apostles, etc., that came from among the Jews, to whom all Christians owe a huge debt.

Then is Christianity a duping of the Gentiles by the Jews?

Not at all, and it never has been, because God gave to the Jews as His human instruments, His Truth and salvation to give to the Gentiles. The Jews largely dropped faith in Christ soon after – mystery of iniquity, pride – but the Gentiles picked up the ball and ran with it all the way to Vatican II (1962–1965) when, essentially, they too dropped Christianity – mystery of iniquity, foretold in Scripture (Lk. XXI, 24).

Then is the New Testament still Jewish brainwork?

Yes, but only in the very insignificant sense, that to tell Jews and Gentiles at the beginning of Christianity the great new truths of salvation, as in the Epistles of St Paul, God used the human brains of Jews. But soon after those beginnings, it was Gentiles who took over, and from then on, few Jews told those truths.

Jacob was the favoured son of Isaac, Esau the unfavoured son. Jews call Christians Esau? Are they right to consider that Christians are unfavoured in comparison with them selves in the eyes of God?

Not at all, it is the other way round. Read Romans IX, 6–9. Esau is the figure of the unfavoured Jews because they largely rejected and reject His Son, whereas Jacob figures the favoured Christians who accepted and accept His Son. St Paul wrestled with the confusion in the minds of his listeners over this vexed question of Jews and Gentiles in three major Epistles: Galatians, Romans and Hebrews. His teaching is the Word of God, Scripture, basically clear and absolutely authoritative. Read those Epistles.

Are the Jews right that Gentiles are stupid?

Certainly, when the Gentiles abandon Christ, and then the Jews can easily dominate them, like today. But when the Gentiles are faithful to Christ, which means they are then faithful to God and to the Truth, then neither Jews nor Communists can deceive them, and that is when true civilisation flourishes and many more souls are saved, like in the Middle Ages.

Kyrie eleison.