World Transformed

Two events are shaking the world, the corona-virus and the breakdown of what has been the world’s financial system for, maybe, the last two centuries. The two events may well be connected. Several commentators are actually mentioning Almighty God, at least in connection with the worldwide spread of the corona-virus, because that spread is like a plague, and in times past when there was no other remedy, plagues would often make men turn to God. But that God – who has not changed – is almost certainly playing a more important part in both events today than most people think.

Is that to say that God caused the worldwide corona-virus infection? Indirectly, yes, because He foresaw it from eternity and decided to let it happen. And what greater good might His permission for the infection be bringing about? We have seen the governments of many countries impose such restrictions on movements of their citizens that these countries are virtually brought to a halt. That is giving to the citizens a serious chance firstly to realise how fragile is the functioning of their much vaunted modern way of life: neither is it so robust, nor are they such champions of reality, as they may have thought. And secondly, by the serious interruption of their normal rat-race they are being given time and opportunity they would never normally have to reflect on that rat-race: Who am I? What is my life? What am I doing with it? Where am I going? Alas, many modern citizens thus providentially slowed down will only want to speed up again so as to distract themselves from thoughts that evoke anything higher than their all-engrossing rat-race . . .

Another reason why God may not directly have caused the corona-virus is the amount of serious speculation that the virus comes not from God’s Nature but from men’s laboratories, where viruses of Nature are made artificially much more harmful and contagious in order to serve as potential weapons of war. And if that is where the corona-virus came from, who can men blame for it except other men?

And then there is not only the fabrication of the virus but also its release – how did it escape from the laboratories to threaten mankind? Was the escape an accident, or was it a deliberate release? Again, there is much speculation that it was not an accident, but criminally timed to coincide with the crashing of the world’s financial system, also engineered. The virus would help the crash in two ways: firstly it would, however briefly, bring to a halt a significant part of the functioning of the world’s economies, forcing bankruptcies and a widespread increase of indebtedness and enslavement to the global Money Power; and secondly, an exaggerated panic over the virus in the same globalists’ media would serve to distract mankind from its enslavement taking an important step forwards. Certainly if the financial crash was deliberate, the coincidence of the virus was a windfall for whoever was behind the crash.

And so was, or is, anybody behind the March crash of the world’s stock markets, which is by no means over? Of course there was. The Money Power, controlling the governments with which it works, has so much money at its disposal that it can swing at will supposedly free stock markets, up or down. Such crashes as of this March are designed to cause a great transfer of wealth from little investors to the Money Power. In this case it created from 1987 a 33-year rising market to lure them in, and once they were well in, it crashed the market to strip them of their assets while it has itself bet on the falling market and made a fortune. And the governments protect the Money Power because it bought them off long ago.

And Almighty God? “My children, if you insist on worshipping Mammon and materialism instead of Me, this is what will happen to you. You have scorned My religion to replace it with politics. You have worshipped your governments instead of your God. You have believed in money instead of charity towards your fellow-men. Are you now surprised that governments, politics and money let you down? Or are you hurt that I let them let you down? Children, I am offering you Paradise, and for all eternity!”

Kyrie eleison.