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World War III

The Synagogue reigns by God’s all-wise permission.
Without it, little would stop our self-perdition.

The third World War is coming close. We have just had a very serious military confrontation on the Russian-Ukrainian border between armies of those two countries, specially mobilised for that confrontation. Outright war seems to have been avoided for the moment, but many observers consider that it cannot be avoided indefinitely, not because Russia wants war because it does not, but because there is a race of men that has for thousands of years been set upon dominating the world; which for hundreds of years has dominated Europe and for tens of years the USA.

This race has recently mastered the Ukraine and is using it, together with Europe’s NATO, to provoke Russia into the third World War. On it they count to achieve that world hegemony for the United States which they intend to control. Alas, whenever war breaks out, one of the first casualties is always the Truth, and so let a few things be said while they can still be said, before emotions of “patriotism” so cloud men’s reason that they cannot think straight. Love of one’s own country is, as such, not only legitimate but even commanded by the fourth Commandment. However, as Nurse Edith Cavell (1865–1915) once famously said, “Patriotism is not enough. I must have no hatred or bitterness for anyone.”

While then one can still think straight, let Catholics be careful to keep their minds free of the massive and powerful propaganda which has long been at work to persuade everybody that the USA’s drive for world control is the best way forward for the entire world. But that propaganda and that drive are fuelled by lies, and Our Lord calls Satan “a liar and the father of lies” (Jn. VIII, 44). Lies are the sure footprint of Satan. Now with all his serious faults President Trump (2017–2021) pulled the USA back from engaging in wars, just as President Putin of Russia (1999-today) resurrected his country by preparing for war, but by also firmly holding back his military forces from any major war, and that he has done since the beginning of his presidency. Therefore the “Synagogue of Satan” (Apoc. III, 9) had to get rid of them both.

Against Putin there have been several assassination attempts, but none of them has worked yet, so he has to be constantly discredited by a pack of lies in the vile Western media (wholly controlled by the same Synagogue) as a war-monger longing to invade Europe, interfering in Trump’s surprise election in 2016, and so on. So almost from the beginning of Trump’s presidency, he was hounded down by the Synagogue (Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, etc.) with what proved to be another complete pack of lies (fabricated by an Englishman) to the effect that he was in collusion with Putin’s Russia. Since these lies also failed, then the risk of his being re-elected by the American people absolutely had to be stopped in 2020 by fair means or foul, so that when the early votes pointed to a landslide victory for Trump, then all foul means possible were deployed in the middle of the night to fabricate a mass of false votes to “elect” Biden in the morning. And the Synagogue had in the White House the puppet war-monger it wanted. Shame on every “decent” American who has knowingly consented to the mass of lies surrounding that “election.” His once noble country risks being severely punished – by Putin. Be wary of American “patriotism.” Your country’s true friends are those that tell it the truth, like Putin. Heed his common sense, not the media.

How events will eventually turn, of course we do not know. Our Lady may succeed for a while yet in holding back her Son’s avenging arm, but it does look as though the moment will come when She can do so no longer. And it does look as though mankind is so wallowing in its way of sin that nothing less than the horrors of nuclear war will be enough to bring it to its knees. That is the purpose of God, to give to well-meaning souls a chance of making their way to Heaven which they seem hardly to have right now, suffocating as we all are in a world over which reigns the Synagogue, by God’s permission, by our own fault. Let us all pray every day the Rosary of Our lady – “Only I can help you now”(Akita, 1973).

Kyrie eleison.

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