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SG, forget distractions, go to the roots –
What IS the “vaccine,” and, what are its FRUITS.

At the Angelus Press Conference for Catholic Tradition held in the USA on December 11, 2021, the Superior General of the Society of St Pius X (SG for short) took official position on two different Covid questions, both controversial but in fact quite distinct. Firstly in a brief speech he gave three arguments to justify why the Society is not taking a public position for or against the so-called Covid “vaccines.” And secondly in Question Time he gave three comparisons to help explain why the Society tells Catholics that they may accept to be inoculated with these “vaccines.” Both his arguments and his comparisons deserve examination, but note that the SG has more than once been quoted favourably in these “Comments.” The problem is absolutely not personal in any way. See on the Internet: https://youtu.be/OYuqVdzr6Ew 

His first argument for the Society standing back from the whole Covid controversy is that it is a medical question which does not come under the religious mission of the Society. And this argument he says is the main reason for the Society not to commit itself officially one way or the other. However, is the abolition of God, of Christ and of the Catholic Church not a religious question? The objective investigation team of the German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich has interviewed hundreds of doctors and politicians ever since Covid burst on the world scene in March of 2020, and their serious conclusion is that the Covid onslaught is “the greatest crime ever committed against mankind as a whole.” Fuellmich is convinced that the jab or “vaccine” was not invented for the Covid virus, but the virus was invented to impose the jab, either to depopulate, i.e. kill, millions of human beings, or so change their genome as to render them more docile slaves of the surviving elite. That is why so many people make the same accusation, that Covid is a fraud, medical in deceptive appearance, but in reality utterly political, part of a massive and unbelievably wicked fraud to take power over the whole world.

Objection: priests should stand back, because who can tell for sure whether people like Fuellmich are not simply “conspiracy theorists”? Answer: Were Covid not a fraud, would it need such a mass of shifting lies to promote and protect it? Is an honest mind really so incapable of discovering the objective truth?

The SG even admits in his second argument that the Globalist Conspiracy to replace the Catholic Church and God’s natural order with another universal man-made authority, started 300 years ago, with Masonry. The Church has long known all about Freemasonry, he says, so we need not worry about Covid. However, if Covid is being tied through the Globalists to Judeo-masonry, the Church’s prime organised enemy, as the Popes have recognised since the 1730’s, then we can sit back and relax? Should not Covid be worrying priests all the more, not the less? Or has the SSPX also been infiltrated by Freemasonry? To ask the question is to fear the answer, when its SG argues in such a way.

His third argument, from the anti-”vaccine” alliance, is equally contorted. He says that the SSPX cannot afford to join the anti-”vaccine” alliance because it includes left-wingers opposing the “vaccine” in the name of human dignity and human rights, just like abortionists claim that abortion is part of human dignity and a human right. However, there is no comparison between these two “human rights.” The right of any man or woman to refuse anything going into their body which they do not want in their body is a true human right over one’s own body. Abortion is no human right at all, even of the mother, because the foetus is never part of her own body that belongs to her, because from the moment of conception it is a substance distinct from the mother’s substance, by blood-type, fingerprint and genetic composition. Therefore anyone, left-wing or right-wing, who claims that the two rights are comparable, is talking nonsense, and to oppose the “vaccine” the SSPX need have no fear of being associated with them. The business of an SG is to talk Catholic sense, not worry too much about the multitudes talking nonsense.

Kyrie eleison

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