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Argentinian Corroboration

By tellers of troubles we may not be charmed,
But, “A man forewarned is a man forearmed.”

A reader from South America corroborates what a reader from North America wrote here a few weeks ago. Readers, take heart – next week will see here several positive suggestions.

“How this North-American, brother in the Faith of all time, sees present and future, is excellent. I agree with him entirely. For more than 30 years a few friends and I have been warning how this situation, humanly speaking seemingly irreversible, will end. We are few for sure, because in the light of all the present madness we may be concerned for the future, we may see what is to come and is now at the door, but when we argue that people must prepare for it, how can they not be scandalized by our concerns? How can anybody not take us for jokesters, nihilists or madmen?

“Like the mass of people today, they are up to their necks in making that paycheck, in earning enough money to pay their bills, in working out whether they can afford to go back into debt. For such people it is obvious madness, a psychotic distraction, to talk to them about the possibility of a banking crisis, all the more of an apocalyptic catastrophe. They cannot accept that the wobbly house of cards which they have sacrificed so much to set up, amidst labyrinths of financial propaganda and captivating loans offered them by the bank, may all fall down. In desperate pursuit of lower lending fees or financing free of interest, they strive constantly to maintain the perverse consumerism which is their way of life, with their heads buried in the modern quagmire.

“Who but a ‘madman’ can be thinking of sources of water, canned foods and homegrown products, sources of information independent of the Internet, non-traditional sources of energy, printers running on heavy-duty rechargeable batteries, reams of A4 paper, materials for binding, basic medicines, disinfectants and anaesthetics, surgical instruments, solid fuels, especially wood, coal and liquids, etc, etc, everything necessary to face the worst of contingencies? Because I am absolutely convinced that that is what lies ahead, because nobody gets out of a crisis like we are in without a worldwide purification such as has never been seen before.

“However, it is being spiritually prepared which is the most important, being able to leave aside our own needs in the terrible moments to come, and help those closest to us by giving a word of encouragement, a piece of bread, a little water, some explanation of why the total disaster will have struck. That way, instead of accusing God, they may, once extricated from the overwhelming distractions of the world, rediscover the true path to save their souls. A wife and mother from Syria told a Sister from this country that the war of aggression they are now undergoing in Syria has enabled them to realize that the comfort in which they were living before had made them lose sight of the simple life-style so necessary for true Christians, and that amidst such a crisis they were now happier than before, because they were now focused on essentials: the day-to-day life of the Christian, raising his eyes to God and to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

“That is why despite the evil all around, I myself see good news on all sides, inspiring in me joy and the hope of limitless heavenly possibilities, unimaginable at present, once this perverse world is defeated and wiped out. People making sacrifices to look after their neighbours, the honourable life of many soldiers, the examples of martyrs, family fathers striving to give a Christian education to their children, thousands of people thinking along the lines of the North American referred to above, Traditionalists reacting, and many other examples – it is all good news, and should refresh our souls with the cool breeze of trust in God. He never fails us. It is enough to imitate the life of his Son. But there being no Redemption without suffering, then it is absolutely certain that this infamous and perverted diabolical world of lies will not fall down by itself without an exemplary Chastisement.”

Kyrie eleison.

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