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Constant Enemies

God’s enemies are winning? Not for long.
A total trust in Him must make us strong.

Many readers of these “Comments” – by no means all – must be shocked and incredulous when these “Comments” keep referring to the Jews as being one major source of the problems in today’s Church and world. That is because ever since the French Revolution (1789), when the Freemasons emancipated the Jews and gave them liberty to occupy all positions of influence in society, the Jews by their progressive control of politics, universities and the media in particular have more and more taken over people’s minds, and they have used this control granted to them by unwary Gentiles to persuade everybody that Jews are the victims rather than the cause of the constant tensions between themselves and the rest of the world.

Yet in the Middle Ages, when the Faith enlightened men’s minds with the Way, the Truth and the Life, Catholic Popes and Church Councils issued a stream of documents to make Christians wary of Jewish trickery, even forbidding Christians, for the sake of their eternal salvation, to associate with Jews. Was that merely “anti-Semitism”? In our own day an Italian professor has just argued – and he is not alone – that Jews are the controlling force within the Conciliar Papacy and Church. There follows a brief summary of the professor’s argument, that can be found in full at:—http://​www.​unavox.​it/​ArtDiversi/​DIV2277_​Lamendola_​Scacco_​in_​tre_​mosse.​html

The neo-modernism presently ravaging the Catholic Church is the modernism condemned by St Pius X, but with a new element added: Talmudic Judaism. The Jews have always striven to neutralise the divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, because if He is not God then Catholicism is nothing, and then the main obstacle to their own ruling of the world is out of the way. For instance in 2009, why was there such a worldwide fury over a few remarks on Swedish television casting doubt on the existence of homicidal gas-chambers in Germany during World War II? The problem cannot have been merely the one bishop who made the remarks. In fact the uproar was designed secondarily to cripple the Traditional Society of St Pius X to which the bishop then belonged, but primarily to force Pope Benedict XVI to back away from that Catholic Tradition which is in line with the Faith of the Middle Ages. Thus Cardinal Ruini, Pope’s Vicar Emeritus for the diocese of Rome, declared at the time, “Nobody who denies the ‘Holocaust’ can be a Catholic bishop.”

The professor goes on to say that a great step forward to this placing of the “Holocaust” at the centre of the Catholic religion had been taken back in 1965 when Vatican II declared in its document Nostra Aetate that the covenant of God with the Israelites in the Old Testament was still valid, meaning that redemption by Jesus Christ is no longer necessary for salvation, in other words His Catholic Church is no longer in unique possession of the complete Truth and no longer the only means of eternal salvation. Whereupon the religious importance of Our Lord Jesus Christ, dropped by Vatican II, was immediately picked up by the Jews and attached to their “Holocaust.” Said B’nai B’rith’s Abraham Foxman in New York, “The Holocaust is not merely an example of genocide, but it is an almost successful attack on God’s chosen people, in other words on God Himself.”

Thus for Jews, the “Holocaust” is a theological event, central to the new religion which is to be imposed on the entire world, and before which all other religions must bow, starting with Catholicism. Here is why Catholic bishops calling the “Holocaust” in question must be silenced and banned, and the Catholic Church must do what its Talmudic masters tell it to do. And the Italian professor concludes that the “Elder Brethren” have succeeded in making themselves into the indisputable guardians of the Church of Christ.

Notice that this thesis perfectly exemplifies Tertullian’s statement that only the weakness of Catholics is the strength of the Jews. The propaganda in favour of the “Holocaust” took off only after Vatican II. Before the Council, people still had a little too much common sense to believe that about twice as many Jews were exterminated in Europe as there had been in Europe before the war.

But “fear not little flock” (Lk. XII, 32). Every Catholic knows that it is God and not His enemies who will have the last word. This catastrophic end of the Church’s Fifth Age through which we are now living is preparing and paying in advance for the Church’s greatest triumph in all its history, the brief Sixth Age, or Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Some time thereafter may come the greatest triumph in all the world’s history of God’s enemies, the three and a half year reign of the Antichrist (Jn. V, 43), or the Church’s Seventh Age. But then follows the last word to end all last words, the General Judgement, belonging to God, and perfectly re-establishing His universal justice.

Kyrie eleison.

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