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The Society is following the world.
Its fatal course is ever more unfurled.

Two readers of the last two issues of these “Comments” (642 and 643, Nov. 2 and 9) have themselves made useful observations on the state of the Society of St Pius X. The first item of news was that the Newsociety seems to be wanting to bring all Traditionalists, inside or outside the Society, under its single authority, and the second item was that Rome-SSPX “doctrinal discussions” are to be re-opened in Rome with Bishop Fellay leading the SSPX representatives. The first observer comments on the constant tactics of the Revolution, the second on the fate which threatens Don Pagliarani. Here is the first observer:—

These two items of news are very bad. Even if I personally no longer miss the SSPX, it pains me to see it in a state of complete surrender to apostate Rome. Whenever the Revolution in the Church is taking an important step forward which is liable to cause resistance on the part of Catholics, it always has ready for them beforehand – always – an alternative position, a dead end to render ineffective those who were resisting. I am afraid that the SSPX is being set up by Rome to host all Catholics resisting the apostate Bergoglio, in order to steer them in Rome’s direction. It is fairly easy to foresee that that is what they are up to. As always, the one weapon we have in hand is the Rosary, to obtain the Consecration of Russia. God, have mercy upon us!

Such comments are not “conspiracy theory” or “fake news.” The misleaders of the modern Church and world, to whom God is for the moment granting great power to punish it for its apostasy, are not honest people who can afford to operate out in the open. They are all too often true enemies of God, dishonest Revolutionaries who have to conspire and deceive in order to disguise what they are doing. Therefore whenever Catholics who are not only as innocent as doves but also as wise as serpents (cf. Mt. X, 16) denounce the Revolutionaries’ trickery, the latter will accuse them of being, for instance, “conspiracy theorists,” which is yet more trickery, because the accusation is often true.

For example, in this case when in 1988 Archbishop Lefebvre was about to strike a great blow against the liberals by consecrating four faithful (then) bishops to ensure that the Society would survive to defend the true Faith, liberal Rome had prepared the Fraternity of St Peter to receive and neutralise all SSPX priests who would object to those episcopal Consecrations. Similarly when this observer above suggests that in 2019 Rome is turning the Society into a refuge for all Catholics opposing Pope Francis, in order to bring all their opposition under Rome’s control, it is very likely far from “fake news.” It is typical of God’s enemies to be committing exactly the same trickery of which they accuse those who denounce them.

As for the second observer, he suggests that Don Pagliarani may be less guilty than Bishop Fellay of misjudging the intentions of Rome, but if he continues to act as did his predecessor at the head of the Society, it is he, Don Pagliarani, who will take the responsibility for crippling the Society’s defence of the Faith. Nor can one indefinitely make allowances for him, because he must be less and less innocent if and insofar as he continues to act like Bishop Fellay. Here are the second observer’s comments:—

The news that the renewal of Rome-SSPX doctrinal discussions is being headed up in Rome for the SSPX by Bishop Fellay casts a dark shadow on his successor who chose him for that, Don Pagliarani. Even granted that the latter is not so in favour of an agreement as was Bishop Fellay, it does seem that he is stuck in the same way of thinking as his predecessor. Therefore either he breaks free of that conditioning, or he is destined to go on record as the grave-digger of the Society. God forbid! I will pray for him and the Society, and I will turn to the Mother of God to open his eyes and enlighten his two Assistants.

Notice how both observers see in prayer the only solution. Humanly speaking, the Society is essentially, albeit not completely, disabled. Choosing to rejoin the Conciliar Church, it will share its fate.

Kyrie eleison.

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