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Unravellijng Fast

Today’s governments are out of touch with their peoples and with reality. It must end in war or police-states.

The state of the nations is such, being also now precipitated by the ever worsening financial crisis in the United States, that I said to an American friend who has known people in high places, “Do you know anybody intelligent in government who would be asking serious questions about what is going on? I would be interested in their answers!”

“Nobody,” he replied. “In my experience they are immensely arrogant, contemptuous of the people and so far out of touch with reality, that they cannot be calling in question their handling of things. Besides, for any of them to talk to you, you would need the Masonic hand-shake.”

Another friend, also having some acquaintance with the ruling mentality, agreed. “For the longest time,” he said, “they have been easing out, or moving out, anybody liable to question their system. Minds inclined to serious thought are now car mechanics in Arizona . . . . The inflation is unspeakable in the stores. Food shortages are foreseeable. If everything breaks down . . . .it will be horrible. The people are just beginning to wake up.”

In fact, without God, the Masonic governments must be making plans for population control: either a foreign war – WWIII? – to distract the people from their woes at home; or the National Guard(s), food rationing and concentration camps for all “dissidents.”

With God, here are two timely prayers from the Lenten liturgy:— from Thursday after Ash Wednesday, “Spare, O Lord, spare thy people, that whereas they are deservedly chastised, they may find relief in thy tender mercy . . .” And from the Friday after Ash Wednesday, “O Lord, preserve thy people, and in thy mercy cleanse them from all their sins: for no adversity shall harm them if no wickedness holds sway over them . . .”

Kyrie eleison.

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