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The whole world needs the Consecration of Russia,
‘Twill into an age of peace and piety, usher.

And so between Russia and the Ukraine war has broken out. Already of course a number of more or less godless commentators are pouring out a stream of more or less well-informed political and strategic comments, but what followers of Our Lord Jesus Christ need to have is a view of events from the standpoint of Almighty God, because He alone can have allowed the warring parties to reach this point. What follows is an attempt – far from infallible – to give the briefest idea of what He may have had in mind when He allowed this war finally to break out.

When God freely created the world, the prime purpose of His generosity was to populate His created Heaven with creatures capable of sharing in His own infinite bliss. Among the variety of creatures in the world that He chose – angels, men, animal, vegetable, mineral – two alone He endowed with the free-will necessary for them to share that bliss. The angels, being immaterial, used or misused their free-will immediately after their creation to decide freely whether they wanted to share that bliss or not. They had no material body, as men have, to make their decision go backwards and forwards, and so from that first moment of their existence they sealed their eternal fate.

Men on the other hand would live a life on earth with soul and body, averaging finally 70 years in duration to make up their minds, always freely, between Hell and Heaven, between the seductions of the world, the flesh and the Devil, and the appeals or graces of God. Adam and Eve fell, damaging gravely all further human beings with original sin. God took human nature, once, as Jesus Christ, to overcome that damage by means of the one, and only one, Church, that He founded by dying, as a man, on the Cross. On that Church, and on it alone, depends accordingly the fulfilment of God’s purpose in creating the world.

Now men sin and they stir up hate, for instance by war, but God is love, and so He punishes hate and stirs up love to keep men on track for Heaven. Thus He does not want war, but He wants to allow it to bring men to their senses. Thus Scripture says that war is the punishment of our sins (James, IV, 1, etc.). Thus in World War II, God used, notably in the titanic clash between Germany and Russia, the Nazis to punish the Communists and the Communists to punish the Nazis. And in the West, in the rest of the 1940’s immediately after the war, duly chastened men paid attention to God, speaking for instance through the miracles of doves paying homage at the foot of statues of Our Lady of Fatima. But in the 1950’s sin picked up again, and in the 1960’s the West led the world in the betrayal of the Church by Vatican II.

And since Vatican II all mankind has committed such a long series of crimes in its war on God, that one shudders at the thought of what a punishment World War III must bring upon us all, if it comes to that. At the moment of writing these “Comments,” the fighting is confined within the Ukraine, but the West has for centuries now, since 1809 in particular, been putting itself under the control of a race of men who absolutely want World War III, because they count on it to bring them that domination of the world which they believe is their absolute due, as beings far superior to the rest of mankind who are just cattle in their eyes. These people will do all in their considerable power to make the fighting in the Ukraine escalate into World War III. Whether they will succeed or not this time round depends entirely on the plans of the Lord God for the cleansing of His Church. They do not know Him, but He knows them, and “He laughs at them and derides them,” and He will “speak to them in His anger, and trouble them in His rage” – Psalm II, 4,5. The West is equally guilty, if not more so, for empowering them.

What remains to us is to pray to Our Lady of Fatima – “Only I can help you now” – to obtain for us the mitigation of the now inevitable Chastisement. She has wonderful plans for the future of Russia, as soon as the Catholic Pope and bishops perform its long requested Consecration to her Immaculate Heart.

Kyrie eleison.

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