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The Knight’s Tale

The Knight’s Tale is the first of the Canterbury Tales. His tale tells us about what is necessary to make the journey in life. The story is not just for his fellow travelers, but also especially for his son, the squire, who is traveling with him. After a great battle, his men find two young men from the vanquished army who are not dead. They are brought back to the knight’s kingdom restored to health and placed in prison. They lament their fate. They view a beautiful woman in the garden and both fall immediately in love. They quarrel, become bitter enemies. One cousin is pardoned from the prison and seeks to see the woman. The other cousin escapes, also to seek the woman. The cousins meet, battle to near death. The knight intercedes and sets a proper tournament to decide who will marry the woman. All three pray, the woman to remain a virgin, or if she must marry, to marry the man who truly loves her. One cousin prays to win the woman, the other to win the tournament. They all get what they ask for, but not what they expected. We are part of God’s great plan.

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